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Momma Kiss: August 2008

Momma Kiss

If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm still on strike!

Yesterday - my spaaaaaaahhhhhh day was unbelievably fantastical.

And I decided to take the rest of the week off. Still bringing the boyz to daycare, need to get some major cleaning done and - well - retail therapy is the best way to spend alone time, no?

Here I go, hope my wallet doens't scream from so much use...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Lil love for my Big boy

Big Kiss is a typical 3 year old. New 3 year old, his birthday was in June. And I feel like I've been on him for a while now. Like constantly on him, and because he's a generally good kid - we forget that he IS only 3. So I thought that instead of complaining about his antics, I'd document all that he does that makes me smile :)

Says excuse me (to interrupt AND after farting)
Says please and thank you
Pats Lil Kiss' back and says "It’s ok buddy"
Twirls my hair when sitting next to me during pre-bed cartoons
Knows his colors and loves to count
Cracks jokes
Likes to swiffer the floors and help vacuum
Waits his turn when playing at the playground
Gets diapers for me when his lil bro needs a change
Draws “dolphins”
Tells me a secret (“my love you most”)
Washes his face in the tub
Puts the toothbrush and toothpaste back in the drawer
Puts the toilet seat and lid down (daddy doesn’t even do that)
Brings me flowers - yellow dandelions
Has the softest hands I've ever felt
Drops everything, I mean EVERYTHING - and runs to me when I pick up at daycare
Opens doors for me
Tells me he likes my necklace
Likes to put lotion on my face (after his post-bath lotion) saying "close you eyes"
Looks at the toys strewn about at the end of the day and says "Who made this mess? Let's clean it up! My don't need your help!"
Shares his syrupy pancakes with me
Dances like me (total whitey)
Smiles for the camera. 23409898723948x a day
Always asks for just one more book, one more song, one more kiss
Entertains Lil Kiss in the mornings so we can all get out the door
Reminds me to put skunskureen on everyone
Also reminds me to wear my buckle, or the police will be sad
sings "what's gonna work, TEAMwork" when we're all working together


I could probably go on for pages and books and tomes. I'm so proud of my son. And often feel like his little brother is getting the shaft because we focus so much on Big Kiss - but he talks and understands so much more, so yes - we focus on him. And I need to remember to emphasize the positives and remember that he's only 3. And he loves me unconditionally.

And no worries, I'm not playing faves! Lil Kiss' birthday is coming up and I've got my Ode to him in draft mode. I'm so proud of both of my boys. They're funny and beautiful and genuine.

I'm going on Strike


The Mr. Man is traveling again (single mom's are hard workers, let me tell you).

So I'm going on Strike tomorrow.

I plan to drop the kids at daycare when the place opens, leave the pooch at 'doggie daycare,' go get some coffee and read in peace, have my brows done, go home to shower and then I'm off to the spa.

Massage, facial, pedi.

It could only get better if they offer wine, I may have to request it... I then plan to go home, eat reallygoodbutbadforyou food, lounge by the pool, perhaps nap, read and swim. Sigh. Maybe I'll get some bon bons.

The kicker? I booked this all on Monday - and today, I got an e-mail from Mr. Kiss telling me that he knows I've been busy and working hard and single momma'ing it so I should book the spa for next week when he's home.

Um, er, "Hey, wouldn't you know it, they had an opening for tomorrow!" ;)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tough times - paying w/ your kid's cash?

What’s goin on? Hmm. It’s Monday. Monday’s rock (not). I have a wine headache. From 2 glasses last night. Cripes, not from the bottle of bubbly on Friday – or the 6 beers another day – 2 glasses? Whatev. It hurts.

My baby boy had his first hairs-cut on Saturday. That super fine wispy baby hair – Gone. It instantly made him look like a little boy, not a baby and I cried. I also took him to get some prof pictures done, sportin his new do. He did incredible. I cried again.

Mr. Kiss got home Sat evening and I snuggled in with him and Big Kiss for most of the evening. Sunday, we had a crapton of crap to do – the Mr. is traveling again this week and his ‘rents are coming for the nite on Saturday and well, we just needed to get shit done. Got a new rug for our bedroom. And finally put the room back together, it’s been askew since the bathroom remodel. But since our bedroom only fits our King bed and a dresser, getting the rug in, sliding it under the bed frame, took Olympics like gymnastics stunts. And I’m SORE.

Alas, the room looks great, all sparkly clean, just like the bathroom. My dog took one step in there this morning and I about strangled him. I don't need his doggie drool and paw prints on my brand new rug. Please – can I have just 24 hours of clean bliss? Please?

I ran some errands at lunch today, of course Target was on the list. So I’m getting my dipes, etc. and then just pick a lane. The lady is almost done, her daughter unloading the cart when I notic that the mom is counting change from a princess piggy bank.

A Kid's piggy bank!

Not even kidding. I watched for a while (like 3 or 4 minutes) and was thinking, “really, is the economy that bad?” I’m not kidding. But I was too amused to change lanes.

So I took cell pics instead. Yeah. I did.

I just watched and waited my turn, and then started loading my stuff on and she said to me “Thanks for being so patient, really, we’re trying to teach her about Savings and having goals, you know?” I just smiled and said no problem. But I have to share the view, no?!

(that white-out on the right, that's me, in the reflection of the security mirror ahead of me...caught!)

OK, carry on. Have a lovely Monday. Or whatever.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Cake. It's what's for dinner.

With peanut butter and chocolate schmeared on it.

That drink? Champagne. In a wine glass.


Yay. Boo.

I was up playing waaaaay too late last night. And my boyz like to rise & shine w/ the birdies chirping, so Momma’s tired. Mr. Man is on his way home right now (yay) but then he’s off again for the night (boo). He’s taking The Loud One with him, tho – so I’ll get some one on one with my little baby kiss. I’m excited. Last night, we had some major power potty struggles with Big Kiss – and the poor Lil Kiss just gets the shaft. He's so chill and sits back to take it all in when his big rother brother is throwing tantrums and being, well, 3. So I’m very happy to smother him in Momma love for 24 hours. We’re getting his hair cut (again, boo) and then his pics taken (yay!).

So Big Kiss moves to a new room in daycare next week (he’s only 3 – but we call it school) and they need a sleeping bag for nap / rest time. I was thisclose to buying the cutest azz bag from Land's End – but it was frikkin $79.50.

Eighty Bucks for a sleeping bag? For a CHILD’s sleeping bag.

I totally hemmed & hawed for like 15 minutes. It’s so cute, but he’s only 3, and it’s staying at school, but it’s so Big Boy, but it’s Eighty Bucks! The good conscience won and I went with a much cheaper Speed Racer bag – and its carry sack lights up, he’ll flip for that shit.

Since I was in the mall, I just got food court lunch. The Asian stuff. So spicy it made my brows sweat – HO leeee. And so not Being The Pig…just am a pig. Wait, I did go to the gym this morning, so I guess, yah, I’m still Being The Pig. Follow that ? ;)

OK – here’s to a good weekend!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ode to the Commode...

Since I just took a nice HEHvenly soak (and enjoyed a bottle of wine!), why not share some pics of the bathroom. Before and After.

2 things.

2 things.

My house a riptastically destroyed mess. And amazingly enough I don’t give a shit. I played w/ the boyzz this morning and didn’t clean up.

I watched the Olympics stuff with the Gold Medalist Volleyball players. They’re great – amazing – back to back Olympic Golds – and haven’t lost in years but, um, all that’s sticking in my mind is the fact that the one, Misty May, sprinkled her Momma’s ashes on the court. Um. That’s quite the tribute, but really? On the court? Right there in front of everyone? And where others may walk – and step on Momma?! Wow.

Sarcasm 101

Shared by a friend, too good not to post here...

01. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either. Just pretty much leave me alone.

02. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and leaky tire.

03. It's always darkest before dawn. So if you're going to steal your neighbor's newspaper, that's the time to do it.

04. Don't be irreplaceable. If you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted.

05. Always remember that you're unique. Just like everyone else.

06. Never test the depth of the water with both feet.

07. If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of car payments.

08. Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.

09. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is probably not for you.

10. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.

11. If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably a wise investment.

12. If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.

13. Some days you're the bug; some days you're the windshield.

14. Everyone seems normal until you get to know them.

15. The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket.

16. A closed mouth gathers no foot.

17. Duct tape is like 'The Force'. It has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together.

18. There are two theories to arguing with women. Neither one works.

19. Generally speaking, you aren't learning much when your lips are moving.

20. Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.

21. Never miss a good chance to shut up.


22. Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Heyzoo Cristo, I am SORE today.

Walking (and some slight running in order to try to avoid the no-baggie-poopage) with the dog yesterday has destroyed my shins. And my abs. Who knew? Abs. Are they still IN THERE?

Anyway, I am Tore up from the Floor up!

I'm refreshed!

Wow. I am amazed I’m about to say this, but I feel refreshed. Hmm. How did that happen?

I’ll tell ya!

Last night, we did some meddling about with the boys, did the Whiteboard for what we need to do / get done before the Mr. goes away – comes back – and goes away again (buy new rug, put our bedroom back in order since it’s been a mess during the bathroom reno, clean the basement, yadda yadda yadda). And it was my night to put Big Kiss to bed – which some nights takes 10 min, others – 30. He’s not wearing pull ups to bed anymore, so he likes to use “My have to pee” to mess around w/ bedtime, but anyway – I stayed upstairs trying to read and waiting for his next go round and I just fell asleep.

At like 8.30 pm!

I was up a 2.30 when Big Kiss wet his bed (baby steps, I guess)…and then at 3.30 when Lil Kiss was screaming (those damn molars – did I mention? 3 molars poppin thru? Yeah).

At that point, I counted the hours I’d slept (I am OCD about this, no matter what time my eyes open during the night, I count, on my fingers, how many hours I just got) and decided I’d get up. I washed Big Kiss’ sheets, folded the laundry and watched the Women’s Gymnastics Beam finals – I’m SOOOO glad I didn’t cheat when Yahoo teased me with their “Did Shawn Johnson do it?” headline. I was crying. All I’ll say. And then I started to watch Big Brother when I heard Big Kiss messin around – asking for his drink. At 5am. Those are good times, people. This kid needs his milk in the morning like I need my coffee. But he likes to bitch and moan about it, in bed, till he gets it, in bed. So I got him that – he refused to go back to sleep and then Lil Kiss was up at 6 for a bottle.

Cest la vie.

I STILL feel refreshed.

Recruit update – my brother is down in TX right now, as Z is officially an Airman and graduates from Basic on Saturday. I’m so God damn proud of that kid, I can’t even put it into words. I sent him at least one letter a week. Usually just pictures printed out – with an I love you and We’re proud of you…and he wrote back last week. Just made my heart swell. And my brother – my God, he’s raised Z basically on his own from the time he was 1 and wasn’t always easy on him, but seeing his son become a man – he broke down and cried the other day talking to me about him.

So my bro gets to see him – and then Z is off to 13 weeks of technical training. He’ll get to go home for the holidays, we hope – and he’s so pumped. My bro has a few insiders and has heard from this guy – (a level E9, which means absolutely nothing to me except that ‘people jump when he says jump’) – that Z is a natural, he’s done the best he could do without looking like some Maverick and that he’s going to go far if he chooses.

Oh – and the Mr. looooooved his gift. I let Big Kiss give it to him – and it was perfect.

Ok - enough blogging shit, I have to prove my worth. Or something...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sunshiny day...

Anyone remember this post: Lucky Mr. ?

Well Mr. Man was in the doghouse and even tho I was pissed, I still ordered him a gift. That was on July 4th (I think). It JUST arrived today! Cheeseandrice, talk about delayed shipping. But it's here, and numbered - #91 of 5000. Pretty cool, and he's gonna smooch me big when he gets it!

Kiss Hizza related, I had to meet my handy man Ronnie at our house today to replace our garbage disposal and verify that we do not have wires smoldering in the walls. He looked at me like I was crazy, but nicely said "the walls are fine" - and I left him to his devices and headed back to work.

Now is this odd to anyone? He asked if I wanted him to lock the door - it's a bolt lock, needs a key and locks from the outside. We often forget to lock our doors during the day, but I've never ever felt weird about it. Small town, etc. So he all big-eyed said "Are you Sure?" I said, yeah, no problem. My husband will be home at lunch (he won't) and he can do it.

BEFORE I didn't feel odd about it, but it got me wondering - am I too trusting? Like now he prolly realizes we don't always lock up. And he's seen our place inside & out. But - I don't know, he's worked for us on & off over the past 5 years and I feel like I trust him. Same thing w/ the bathroom contractor - we just left the door open for him all day long.

Whatev, I need to move on and not stress out.

I didn't go to the gym this morning, but don't worry your pretty lil head about me, I decided to take the dog for a long walk instead! I was all dressed, shuttled the boyz into Dora the Explora so the Mr. could bring them to school and was ready to leave for the gym. Then upon seeing how gorgeous it was outside, and knowing in a couple of months the sunlight and warmth will most likely be a distant memory, I decided to do the walk.

And OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY was the pooch happy! So happy, he shit like a block from home - which I promply scooped up and we moved along.

Yeah - about a mile later, he shit again and of course I didn't have a back up bag. Damn Dog. I actually tried to run (GASP) when I saw the code brown a comin - but he just had to go. I knocked on a neighbor's door and asked for a baggie - how embarrassing - but I'd rather that than be "That Neighbor" who doesn't pick up dog shit.

Anyhoodle - it was a lovely walk and I'm glad the pooch was tired out and didn't even move an inch when Ronnie Repair was workin away.

that was a long one - full of drivvel. whoops.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Be the Pig

I had a lovely weekend. Really I did. My Friday night antics are still causing aches in my ribs from laughing so hard. Saturday was fun filled, even tho I got a case of pink eye. Conjunctivitis. Whatever you want to call it, it’s nasty and no fun. Sunday the Mr. Man golfed and I took the chitluns out for some retail therapy (wearing glasses and a hat to hide the horror called my eyes).

Big Kiss was such a helper wanting to push the stroller.

So cute.

Until I’m at the cash register paying for super plush new towels for my super fancy new bathroom and turn around and see him Spinning Lil Kiss so fast the stroller’s up on 2 wheels! Yeah, “My helping, Mom!” isn’t so cute and innocent at that point, is it? But he’s just getting big and loving doing things on his own. Last night even, after Lil Kiss went to bed, I asked him to help me clean and he looks at the toys and said “Who made this mess? Let’s clean it up. My don’t need your help!” OK kid, no problem here.

Lil Kiss showed me today why he’s been such a monster in the sleeping and eating department. Kid is pushing through 3 molars. Molars people! And his other bottom front teeth, too.

So last night Mr. Kiss almost burned our house down. I was up singing to Big Kiss for bedtime and I hear the Mr. scuttling about, some “Oh Shit’s” and by the time I got to the kitchen he’s got the fire extinguisher aimed at the sink cabinet. He tried to fix the garbage disposal and shorted something and that thin blue line of smoke was comin out. So he shut off the circuits and we’re having someone check it TODAY. I’m deathly afraid of an electrical fire – like maybe some wires are smoldering in the walls.

And so that brings me to this morning. I swear, it’s a sign – my forgetfulness – that maybe the gym is trying to tell me something. Pink eyes and all, I dropped off the chitluns (remembering all lunches and blankies) and got to the gym. I remembered my towel, thank God but forgot my makeup, my ipod and MY SHOES!? Seriously? What the hell. But I was here and stinky and just decided to rough it – I did the ellip and some free weights in my socks.

I heard this quote on the radio, some commercial, that goes as such:

“In a bacon and egg sandwich, the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed. Be that pig!”

I’m sooooo trying to stay committed to this gym routine and be the fucking pig. I’m telling you, it ain’t easy.

Alas, another day, another dollar.

Ta ta.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Always a bridesmaid...

My ribs hurt from laughing, let me TELL you!

I met my friend A at her place at 6. She’s the Hostess with the Mostess and was prepping some cheese & crackers and had just popped the bubbly. Mmmm. And as soon as we got the ‘hello’s over, she says “You and me need to go upstairs and change. Now.” I say sure, but I need some deets.

Turns out her co-worker, P also lives near hear and she invited her to have drinks with us and when she asked her, P said “Oh, should I wear my pink sparkly dress and heels?” P is a total tomboy and NOT the heels type, just a sarcastic bitch.

So when A said we had to change, she meant into formal gowns. We were to be all dolled up when P arrived. Oh my head, I was sooo up for it. We ran up to her room – which was humid as a rainforest – and were trying on all of her 10 Bridesmaid dresses. One was the dress she wore in my wedding, another was this green damask number. We laughed so hard I literally couldn’t breathe. Well, I couldn’t breathe b/c the friggin dresses were so tight, too, but we were in hysterics. So we’re getting fancy, bright lipstick, heels – the whole shebang…and go back down to drink and lounge waiting for P.

We waited.
And waited.
And waited! Sweating buckets, drinking more. And continually killing ourselves w/ our antics. Turns out P is typically late – but we didn’t learn this till later.

Anyway, when she arrived, she loved the joke, we took some pics, changed and continued to drink and laugh.

Nothing better than a good Girls Night Out!

I was out till 2am and am draggin ASS today.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Shop On.

Shop On. That’s a recent marketing ploy put out there by my company. BOY did it get me today!

They offered a 20% assoc discount this weekend – and opened a few stores at 7am for those who like to shop before work.

I did.

I kicked ASS!

So I got a jacket, a suit (blech – professional dress is after labor day), a sweater, and 2 things for the new bathroom (reed diffuser and towel holder thingy).

Retail? For those few items?


What did I pay?


HOLY fuckerelli! That’s like over 80% savings. I should be a professional Bargain Hunter.

Here’s the jacket. Which I sooooo did not need but it’s farkin trendy and cool and hip and looks fantastic on me. It's brown with ivory detail and black satiny trim. And a belt. $360 retail for $49.99, and then I got 20% off of that.

Betchur last dollar I’ll be shopping again this weekend!

And p.s. apparently my Varsity Team of shower products was pissed by being benched – I showered at home for the first time all week (yay me for gymming it!) and they were like “Put me in COACH!” – I look hella good today ;)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who needs sleep?

I have not been sleeping much.

Monday night I worked hella late, then stayed up to watch the Olympics (obsessed much?). Tuesday I was up at 4am – Lil Kiss had a code brown and did not want to sleep in it (can you blame him?) so after changing him and snuggling for a bit, he was back to sleep but not me. I had a shitload of shit to do, so I stayed up. Tuesday was also a HUGE day at work (like important meetings, etc.) but I went to the gym before work and just kept on chuggin.

Anyway – today started off fine, slept till 5.45ish – but I can tell that my lack of sound sleep is catching up with me.

I brushed my teeth with fruity ‘thomas the train’ tootpaste.

I left the house with one contact in.

I forgot my towel for the gym. I realized this AFTER I was all sweaty like a fat man running thru Africa. So I showered, dried what I could w/ my gym clothes and moved on.

I forgot my wallet.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yay me.

I've come to realize that the less time and effort I put into my myself (sometimes) the better it looks.

Hit the gym again this morning (day 2 this week, check!) and for the clean up, I have my J.V. team of products in my gym bag. You know, the cast offs and cheap shit. But my skin looks pretty good and my hair, even better.

Yay me.

In other Kiss news, Little Kiss has basically become a walker. Not just steps. He's all over God's Creation. And his hair is really long, but my Momma Rules will not let me cut it yet. It's that super soft wispy baby hair and once that's gone, my baby will not be a baby any more. I'm getting his "1 year" pics done at the end of this month...but those pics WILL have his crazy hair. Maybe I'll cut it for his party, which is technically after he turns 1. Maybe.

What else? I've been working a lot, Mr. Man will be traveling for the next 2 weeks and then it will be the end of August.

How the EFF did that happen? Time, it flies whether you're having fun or not!

Anyhoodle -

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chocolate balls...

Since I'm Queen of Absolutely Ridiculous Posts these days, here's another.

This was playin on the radio this morning. ON THE RADIO. What the H people?! But I admit, I was doing the white man overbite and Boppin my head!

Hit pause on the musak up there & be prepared to jive.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Laughing my ASS OFF!!!


Holy Eff, this is mutha cluckin sooooo right up my alley. All I need!

Now they need CAA - Crackberry Addicts Anonymous!

Holy Heck, I am in the WEEDS!

And NOT Nancy Botwin style...

I was supposed to work this weekend.

At home, not in the office, but I didn't do SHIT for work.

Instead, I played w/ my kiddos, got a haircut for Big Kiss (and a mohawk!), had a bbq with guests that would not leave, had lunch with a friend and her cute ass baby girl, got pummeled wrestling my boyz and watched the olympics (Go USA!) .

So, my friends, I suck at blogging and have VOWED not to get online today. Until 5pm.

After that, I'm just 'on call' to proof a document :p

But not before 5. :p

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Let's Hump it.


Yep, I’m having some wine. Ahhhhh. It’s Hump Day, why not celebrate? Forget the fact that I didn’t sleep a wink last night (really, I did some, but I’m in the mood to exaggerate).

I had to work late tonight, but made it home just in time to be smooched by Lil Kiss and farted on by Big Kiss. It’s his new trick. And then he says “Mummy, I smell somepin!” No shit, kid – you just blew ass!

While I put Lil Kiss to bed, my Mr. Man was slaving away in the kitchen making me dinner. With Wine. Ahhhh. And he did the dishes.

If I weren’t so damn crazy – I’d just take a bath and relax, but I’ve still got to get some packages ready to ship (a couple of lil “dumplings” are getting some swag soon), swap laundry loads, fold the dry load, pack lunches, watch Weeds, finish a PS document for a bud, contact paper the new linen closet shelves and sweep the floor.

You tired yet?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

M&M anyone?

I've been looking for a lil something special to do for Little Kiss' birthday - which is in ONE MONTH already. My baby, a freakin year old. Crap on a cracker, this year has gone too fast.

Anyway - we don't really do big parties for birthdays, but I've always thought the first should be a biggie - and for some of our asshole friends, it'll be the first time they're meeting the kid!

So I kicked ass on his invite (Photoshopaholics Anonymous, please help!) and upon seeing an ad for personalized M&M's - I caved and ordered some.

I'm a sucker.

But I felt like the kid needed some pizazz since his big brother will prolly steal the show during his party anyway.

The package arrived today - Yep, At Work (don't want candy sitting on my front door stoop for hours melting, no do I?)

Check it - all colorful and crap!

Yay! I got light blue, dark blue and white with "Happy Birthday" and "Little Kiss's 1st" AND HIS FACE!!

Hells Yeah, his face is on an M&M. Actually on a lot of them - I had to order 3 bags to get the free one ;)

So random it's not even random.

I am so excited for the olympics!

My fave is gymnastics and swimming. Maybe diving, too. Those awesome splashless dives straight in...whilst a huge athletic accomplishment, always remind me of Dr. Oz's description of the perfect poop.

Why does it always come back to the poop for me?

Anyway - I thot I'd share something I heard on the radio today.

Tuesday is the worst day of the work week. Anyone agree?

Monday, still sorta in weekend mode...and catching up on e-mails, etc. Wednesday - Hump Day! Thursday, well, it's Friday Eve of course. And Friday is just plain ol TGIF, Motherfuckers!

So yeah - Tuesday. It's the suckiest day of the work week. But also the day I just hunker down & get the most done. No gym or lunch w/ friends on Tuesdays. Just Momma, workin away...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday already?



I went to the gym this morning. Before work.

Seriously – who am I and where is Momma Kiss?

Whatev, it felt good to move my ass and this weekend of debauchery wuz NAHT GUD for zee waistline. (but damn, that home made pasta was to die for!)

And today I’m feeling a bit guilty. After having been out for 2 days last week (at a sorta busy time) my boss is in a pissy mood – he’s sorta hormonal and womanly sometimes. Anyway, I always wonder if it’s me, like – did he find out how efficient I am and needs to reevaluate my duties?! The horror! See, tho, guilty conscience!

On that note, tho –
Back to the grind!


Sunday, August 3, 2008

"Can we be friends?"

I'm back.

Kicking and screaming, but back to reality.

New York F'N City was awesome. We actually had one of our best trips there ever, and we go a lot. Friday, the early morning from HELL turned out to be a great day. (mention the morning from hell? Little Kiss was up coughing / gaggin - puked his whole bottle on me at 2am, was up till 3.30am - and our train left at 6.15am. Good times. Memories. Anyway, the Mr. slept on the train (and I got a good shot of him sawing logs and drooling). I did not, but got a nap in later.

After checking in to the hotel, I had to put my eyeballs (a.k.a. contacts) in b/c it was a sunshiny day! We took the train to Coney Island. It wasn't as chickeasy cheeesy as I expected, but you can fo sho see how it can get crazy. We walked the boardwalk, laid on the beach for a while (huge for this sand hater - no towel or nuttin, just my bather's and my sundress to lay on), checked out the amusement park and then settled in with a Yard O' Pina Colada! With one free refill. Ahhhhhhhh.

We ended the trip with a Nathan's Hot Dog (best ever, IMO) and then I snoozed on the train back to midtown. And then I napped. For 2 hours. Pure bliss.

While I slept, Mr. Kiss walked around and found us a dinner spot. I got sparkled up and we found the best eats like 2 blocks from the hometel. A bottle of wine, fantastic dinner - real conversation...we felt like total losers heading back to the hotel before 9, but what the fuck - we're parents and we were god damn tired.

Saturday I woke up at 6, couldn't sleep - read the newspaper, some Crackberry internet time - and then felt like going back to bed. So I did. Till like 7.30. Have I mentioned Bliss?

Long day Saturday, too - and sadly, rain was in the forecast. We got a good breakfast, cruised Times Square, got some souvee's for the boyzz and then made the trek uptown to Yankee Stadium. Exit the subway and it's pouring rain. Not like I cared, but it meant the games may not be played :( We checked the weather on the Crack and were thinking positive.

Got some beers at the Bowling Alley, listened to the thunder clash outside, kept checking the doors for people coming in or not (raindrops on their shoulders? Wet umbrellas?).

The Old Timer's game was set to start at 1.30ish - and at 1.45ish we decided to just go in. As we were trekking all the way to Heaven, it seemed, the rain had stopped. They had 72 "old timers" return for this, the last one to be played in the historic venue. At one point, the Mr. was pretty choked up - he's been going to that park since he was tiny (was he ever tiny?) and many of the men were his baseball heroes. And just in time for the introductions - the clouds moved aside and the sun was shining.

They played for a while - all for show, then the MLB teams warmed up. The Yank's / Angels game started at 4 and we stayed till the very end. Saw 4 home runs (by the Yankee's) - exciting game. In the 8th inning, I said "follow me" and we snuck ourselves down to the first level on the 1st baseline. It'll be the Mr. Man's last time visiting Yankee Stadium and as Frank sang New York, New York, we said good bye. The new one is monstrous and I'm sure it'll be state of the art, but there's nothing like historic ball parks.

Of course because I was rained on, sweltered in the sun and rode the NYC subway system, I was pretty rank when we got home and boy o BOY did that shower feel like a spa.

Another local dinner, lots of wine and another fantastic night of sleep. Mmmm.

Today - train back to the kids - Big Kiss was waiting at the station and RAN into my arms yelling "My Missed YOU!" much to the joy of onlookers ;) We chilled at the 'rents for a while, trying to tire out the chitluns and then started our trek home.

Funny, the whole point of this entry was to document my putting Big Kiss to bed. We had a fun afternoon as a family - letting Lil Kiss cruise around every thing - checking out our almostdonebathroom (really, it's that close!) and then I did bedtime for both kids. Lil Kiss was first and as always, easy.

Big Kiss didn't want to sleep, wanted to sleep with me, wanted me to sleep with him. I get it - G'Ma Kiss baby's his ass - and being under the rules of the Kiss Hizza ain't easy. But I did lay w/ him for a bit, he likes to put his arm under my neck, like in a half hug and then asked me to put mine under his - it looked like Twister in a way, but was oddly comfortable. Then he said "Can we be friends?"

God, I wanted to squeeze him so damn tight and just never ever let go. Instead I said, "I'd love to be friends" and then just rubbed his hair a little bit before giving him a nose kiss and saying good night.

Is there anything better?