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Momma Kiss: I'm refreshed!

Momma Kiss

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm refreshed!

Wow. I am amazed I’m about to say this, but I feel refreshed. Hmm. How did that happen?

I’ll tell ya!

Last night, we did some meddling about with the boys, did the Whiteboard for what we need to do / get done before the Mr. goes away – comes back – and goes away again (buy new rug, put our bedroom back in order since it’s been a mess during the bathroom reno, clean the basement, yadda yadda yadda). And it was my night to put Big Kiss to bed – which some nights takes 10 min, others – 30. He’s not wearing pull ups to bed anymore, so he likes to use “My have to pee” to mess around w/ bedtime, but anyway – I stayed upstairs trying to read and waiting for his next go round and I just fell asleep.

At like 8.30 pm!

I was up a 2.30 when Big Kiss wet his bed (baby steps, I guess)…and then at 3.30 when Lil Kiss was screaming (those damn molars – did I mention? 3 molars poppin thru? Yeah).

At that point, I counted the hours I’d slept (I am OCD about this, no matter what time my eyes open during the night, I count, on my fingers, how many hours I just got) and decided I’d get up. I washed Big Kiss’ sheets, folded the laundry and watched the Women’s Gymnastics Beam finals – I’m SOOOO glad I didn’t cheat when Yahoo teased me with their “Did Shawn Johnson do it?” headline. I was crying. All I’ll say. And then I started to watch Big Brother when I heard Big Kiss messin around – asking for his drink. At 5am. Those are good times, people. This kid needs his milk in the morning like I need my coffee. But he likes to bitch and moan about it, in bed, till he gets it, in bed. So I got him that – he refused to go back to sleep and then Lil Kiss was up at 6 for a bottle.

Cest la vie.

I STILL feel refreshed.

Recruit update – my brother is down in TX right now, as Z is officially an Airman and graduates from Basic on Saturday. I’m so God damn proud of that kid, I can’t even put it into words. I sent him at least one letter a week. Usually just pictures printed out – with an I love you and We’re proud of you…and he wrote back last week. Just made my heart swell. And my brother – my God, he’s raised Z basically on his own from the time he was 1 and wasn’t always easy on him, but seeing his son become a man – he broke down and cried the other day talking to me about him.

So my bro gets to see him – and then Z is off to 13 weeks of technical training. He’ll get to go home for the holidays, we hope – and he’s so pumped. My bro has a few insiders and has heard from this guy – (a level E9, which means absolutely nothing to me except that ‘people jump when he says jump’) – that Z is a natural, he’s done the best he could do without looking like some Maverick and that he’s going to go far if he chooses.

Oh – and the Mr. looooooved his gift. I let Big Kiss give it to him – and it was perfect.

Ok - enough blogging shit, I have to prove my worth. Or something...


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