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Friday, August 15, 2008

Shop On.

Shop On. That’s a recent marketing ploy put out there by my company. BOY did it get me today!

They offered a 20% assoc discount this weekend – and opened a few stores at 7am for those who like to shop before work.

I did.

I kicked ASS!

So I got a jacket, a suit (blech – professional dress is after labor day), a sweater, and 2 things for the new bathroom (reed diffuser and towel holder thingy).

Retail? For those few items?


What did I pay?


HOLY fuckerelli! That’s like over 80% savings. I should be a professional Bargain Hunter.

Here’s the jacket. Which I sooooo did not need but it’s farkin trendy and cool and hip and looks fantastic on me. It's brown with ivory detail and black satiny trim. And a belt. $360 retail for $49.99, and then I got 20% off of that.

Betchur last dollar I’ll be shopping again this weekend!

And p.s. apparently my Varsity Team of shower products was pissed by being benched – I showered at home for the first time all week (yay me for gymming it!) and they were like “Put me in COACH!” – I look hella good today ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the jacket.

you should have gotten some extra towels and an umbrella. ;)

8/16/08, 1:52 AM  

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