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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who needs sleep?

I have not been sleeping much.

Monday night I worked hella late, then stayed up to watch the Olympics (obsessed much?). Tuesday I was up at 4am – Lil Kiss had a code brown and did not want to sleep in it (can you blame him?) so after changing him and snuggling for a bit, he was back to sleep but not me. I had a shitload of shit to do, so I stayed up. Tuesday was also a HUGE day at work (like important meetings, etc.) but I went to the gym before work and just kept on chuggin.

Anyway – today started off fine, slept till 5.45ish – but I can tell that my lack of sound sleep is catching up with me.

I brushed my teeth with fruity ‘thomas the train’ tootpaste.

I left the house with one contact in.

I forgot my towel for the gym. I realized this AFTER I was all sweaty like a fat man running thru Africa. So I showered, dried what I could w/ my gym clothes and moved on.

I forgot my wallet.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

LMAO. How exactly does that 'thomas' toothpaste taste? I know it smells yummy.

Go to bed. :)

8/16/08, 1:48 AM  

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