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Momma Kiss: Holy Heck, I am in the WEEDS!

Momma Kiss

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Holy Heck, I am in the WEEDS!

And NOT Nancy Botwin style...

I was supposed to work this weekend.

At home, not in the office, but I didn't do SHIT for work.

Instead, I played w/ my kiddos, got a haircut for Big Kiss (and a mohawk!), had a bbq with guests that would not leave, had lunch with a friend and her cute ass baby girl, got pummeled wrestling my boyz and watched the olympics (Go USA!) .

So, my friends, I suck at blogging and have VOWED not to get online today. Until 5pm.

After that, I'm just 'on call' to proof a document :p

But not before 5. :p


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