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Momma Kiss: Filth on t.v.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Filth on t.v.

And I continue to watch. Train Wrecks.

Tori & Dean: Home sweet hollywood

Tori (who is pregnant): The other night, I was sitting on the toilet and I was pushing, because I had a hard poop.

Doc: Yes.

Tori: I was like ughhrrthhhhh (grunt) trying to take a poo

Dean: I heard it in the other room

Tori: you did not babe!

Doc: nodding

Tori: I finally got the poo out

Doc: Mmm Hmm

Liam: gurgle yay gurgle

Doc: I know?!

Tori: but, I was pushing so hard, so if I was doing that to get a hard poo out, could I start the baby thinking it’s time to come out and push her down (big hand gestures) and coming out?

Doc: NO you can’t do that.

Tori: never?

Doc: never

Dean: sometimes a hard poo is just a hard poo


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shut up. Seriously? THAT was on TV.


7/24/08, 11:27 PM  

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