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Momma Kiss

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Monday, July 21, 2008

4 down to 3...

Well Big Kiss has been gone since Saturday. And it’s been sooooo quiet in our house. Oddly.

We started our Saturday with some outside play, Big Kiss getting a hair cut (no screaming – Score!), picking out a toy for being a good boy and a trip to the bagel store. G’ma and G’pa came over around noon and we swam and played outside all day long. It was like Africa Hot but the pool (and central air) kept us cool.

When the in-laws were about to leave, I took Big Kiss inside to talk a little bit, asked if he wanted to go to school next week and he said “no” and I said – “Good, because you don’t have to!” Big amazed eyes and open “O” mouth. We talked about him going to G’ma and G’pa’s house and all the fun things they’d do. He was pretty pumped. When it was time to go, he jumped into his carseat and was grinning from ear to ear. Then when he realized we weren’t coming with him, he started bawling. I hated him leaving like that. But I sorta knew it would happen this time. He’s been w/ them many many times, without us around, overnight, etc. - but I think it’s his age – he understands so much more.

To make it worse, the ‘rents don’t use their cell phones. Well, to clarify – they do use them, but they turn them on, make a call, and turn them off. So I couldn’t even call to check on him.

Our night was good, but both the Mr. and I were a little beside ourselves, like – it’s just a 10 month old and us – this is weird. Lil Kiss was in bed by 6.15, we had a nice dinner, watched a movie (I didn’t even fall asleep). Went for a swim. Had a drink in the Adirondack chairs outside. The whole time we were waiting to hear that they made it home – and of course they did, and all was well. Whew – made my heart happy and I didn’t feel so guilty enjoying Lil Kiss to myself :)

Yesterday we ran lots of errands, Lil Kiss napped while we relaxed by the pool. We grilled out and enjoyed a nice meal. Oh, and I kicked Mr. Kiss' ass in Uno. Best of 7. Serenity, I tell you.

We did call to check in and the monster didn’t even want to talk to us. I’m glad he’s having fun and making memories with his grandparents.

And I miss the little fart.


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