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Monday, July 14, 2008

Mondays rock.


I had a really great weekend. Thank God.

I had a good talk w/ the Mr. on Friday. A big part of all of our stress is that we have Zero help. His 'rents are 2+ hours away, my entire family lives all across the country. We're "on" 100% of the time and have to mega plan to get some time away, you know? Not even big stuff, just like go to the grocery store or have a free afternoon. So it was really nice, and we're on a good level. I also admitted that I want to talk to someone. Not "mawwaige therapy" but for me. I'm a control freak. And constantly am working on not being so controlling. But I think I need some outside help in that and other things.

So we had a good night and then I left early on Saturday to visit my friend A. She's my old roomie and has this amazing condo on the beach - needed help painting a room. I LOVE to paint, she hates it. She lured me there w/ the promise of a night out after. Hello?! I'm in! Between coats, we sat on the beach. Ahhh. And I only called to check on the kids once.

She got tickets for the Sox thru a college alumni thing - and asked me to be her date. I had to clarify, am I like your wife? Or just a friend? In case someone asked, you know? :p Oh, I should also state that she's beautiful inside and out and I have no idea why she's still single. She's amazing. And hysterical! Anyway - showering at her house was like an absolute spa treatment. 1 - because I hadn't had a good shower in a week. 2 - because I just love using other peoples beauty products. You know? doesn't matter if it's sauve or whatever, it's different and fun.
And I wore her shoes. Super cute.
I found out much too late that they were Super uncomfortable - even tho she warned me. I dealt. All in the name of beauty.

This is the Cask n Flagon - across the street from the ball park and the scene of my first "date" w/ the Mr. Sigh. Memories.

This was the view from our seats. Mr. Kiss texted me to say he saw Dick Vitale and Kevin Costner in the stands. I said - can you see us in Guam?

Needless to say, we didn't last long in those seats. Mo Fo hot and how you gonna meet a guy sitting in one spot?! (altho that's how I met the Mr.- I ever share that? We met in the bleachers at Fenway Park. He was sitting behind me. Again, Sigh. )
So we went to this bar behind the stands and the breeze was fantastic. There was a group of girls having a Bachette party - how fun?! But they were, lemme say, a little bit on the rough side. Yet they had a few admirerers (sp?) and we soon found out why. One member of the party was tall, thin & purty. A said, "Well there's the answer, Sparkly Spice just showed up." I tried and tried to get their picture, but couldn't be conspicious enough.
This guy was taking their picture (they asked him) and we decided that he should meet A. We called him Gilly. So we tried and tried to move closer, etc. but no luck.
Long story short (really?) A was asked if she's a lesbian (she's not) and we were hit on by guys we didn't want to be hit on by. These dudes begged to find out where we were going, and A says "The Eastern Standard" (bar close by). And she's giving them directions, etc. and then we go to the bathroom and I'm like - seriously? you want to pursue that? A: "We're NOT going to the Eastern Standard!"
Duh. Yes, folks, I'm blonde.
We did go to the Baseball Tavern - highly rec for any locals. Walk in and realize I'm old. Not cougar old - but old. We had the most fun, tho. And guess who was there?! Gilly! Yep - he and 3 buds. We talked to them and all nite - and only bought one beer ourselves, bonus. I laughed more than I remember laughing in a really long time. A lot. My belly still hurts.
And apparently I'm a good wing-man because we chat, etc. and then they find out I'm married - their married bud and I chat it up and whala- conversation available for everyone. I even danced once, with Gilly - and was called a Yummy Mummy. Hmmm. That good or bad? I'm still wondering.
I was also hit on by a super drunk 25 yr old. He asked my name, I told him and he said his - and I said, Oh, that's my Husband's name! Blank stare. And then I just went on w/ my convo w/ A and all of a sudden this dude pinched my upper arm. Twice. I said - "He just fat calipured me." And for the rest of the night we called him Steak Juice because he was staring at us like a piece of meat. I became Filet Mignon (spoken like that Fil-Ett Migg-Non).
Oh Lord - laughs all damn night, and unlike last weekend, I remember EVERYTHING and wasn't even that drunk. BUT, tired ain't the half of it. I was out till the bar closed. It's been years since I've done that.
Yesterday I got home around 8 and got the low down on the Boyzz day and night. The Mr. survived ;) We were outside all but like 1 hour yesterday - love those days. Had friend over to swim and Big Kiss was swimming like a fish again. Kids were in bed early and Momma was not far behind.
I love weekends like that. Mr. time, girlfriend time and family time. Nothing better.
Oh - and my brother K called, he had just spoken to Z (who's been in basic training for a week now). Their conversation went as such:
Z: Hi Dad, I only have 3 minutes! I made it. Here's my address.
K: Is it harder than you expected?
Z: Way harder!
(in background: "1 minute left!")
K: OK - I love you, I'm proud of you, I'm praying for you.
GAH - I'm sure he's fine, but can you imagine you haven't spoken to your dad in a week and then you get a phone call and you're all under pressure, etc.?
Ok, talk much? Got to bolt.


Blogger Baby Momma said...

I think you found your blojo again! At a bar no less!!!

I swear I peed myself laughing at this! yummy mummy, fat calipured, filet mignon... seriously - what a great post for the morning!!!

Oh, & I kinda thought it was funny/ironic that as I was reading the part about clarifying your position at the game (wife?) that I was listening to "I kissed a girl". :)

7/14/08, 12:34 PM  

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