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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

jello nots

I went to the gym today and did a Flex Class.

Flex is like cardio w/ small weights, squats, leg lifts, etc.

It was just the teacher and me - apparently all the other smart fun people were outside enjoying our hot & humid weather.

So when there's no back row to hide in - I had to do EVERYTHING and not quit on reps, etc.

My arms and legs are wobbling like jello.

But they hurt like I'm being stabbed a thousand times!


Blogger Baby Momma said...

First off - good for you for going to the gym.

Second - LMAO!!!!! hahahaha. see - you go to said gym, and you hurt. THAT - is why I don't go. Self inflicting pain - isn't that called masochism? :)

7/9/08, 11:40 PM  

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