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Momma Kiss: This is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

Momma Kiss

If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

Monday, July 7, 2008

This is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

So America has turned 232 yrs old. If you needed an excuse to party, that’s a good one. And party I did.

Lemme back up a bit. Friday the 4th we went to a local parade and it was rainy and icky, but we still had fun. The first part of the parade was like 40 fire trucks, blaring horns and sirens. Big Kiss was staring in awe. He loves them. And he’d turn to me and do that wonderment whisper “I saw FIRETRUCKS!” Easy to please, that kid.

Mr. Kiss golfed while my kids Yep. It was glorious. And instead of finishing laundry or doing the dishes, I plopped on the couch and finally watched the Finale of Grey’s Anatomy. So good – I love that show. (ahem, "Finally Finale"? reads weird).

That night we grilled out w/ the neighbors, put the kids down and then we chilled around the firepit. And made s’mores! Yum!

On Saturday, one of my Momma friends in the hood had her annual July 4th party (on the 5th – but who’s counting). They do a great job of grilling, drinks, lots of stuff for the kids to do. Well, I brought wine and had lots of it. Apparently I was on a mission to d-rink and kept letting people know it. We let the kids play and eat then all walked back home. I got Lil Kiss in bed and Big Kiss & the Mr. were out swimming.

Wait, what?

Momma’s free?

Yep! Grabbed another bottle of wine & hoofed it back up the hill to the partay.

**Program note, I just popped out to get some coffee before the Caf closed and ran into a girl I hadn’t seen in a while (one of our auditors). She said she loved my hair and said I looked skinny. Yep, used that word – “skinny!” Woot! Even if it’s not true, I’m beaming and immediately held my head higher. Amazing what a compliment will do for the soul.

Back on track – I’ll just have to sum up and say I was One Hot Mess for the rest of Saturday.

I do know I was a big help to one of the husbands who asked the score of a baseball game – Cracky came in handy and I was able to produce an answer!

I also know I finished the 2nd bottle of wine and didn’t even share. (but shhhh, Mr. Kiss thinks I did share!)

I think they had fireworks, but it’s a lil blurry. And I was told I passed out on a lawn chair for about 20 minutes. Greaaaat.

I left w/out saying good bye (prolly for the best, I wasn’t making much sense) and stumbled my drunk ass home. I did one trunk text (Baby Mama, sorry bout that – I’m amazed you could read what I "wrote - it was like ancient symbols).

Next thing I know, it’s 2.30a.m. and Lil Kiss is crying out. I went in to plug him (pacifier) but it wasn’t working, so I said to the Mr. – you better help him, I’m not safe right now. Sad. And then went to sleep it off in the basement. I got up for the day at 6.30 – wondering where my things were. Alas – apparently I’m quite organized when drunk. I had set Cracky charging, laid my clothes next to the bed and even left my shoes by the door. Hm. Who knew.

I fully admitted to Mr. Kiss that I was indeed hanged over and was wasted the night before and that I’d need help on Sunday! Got thru the day, tho – w/out messing too much up.

I don’t even know where this “mission” came from, I mean, I was gulping wine. And all my friends were dying, b/c I’m usually the one in charge. I asked if I embarrassed myself – they assured me “No” but I’m guessing I may have and they’re keeping it to themselves hoping I provide entertainment again some day.

Yesterday ended up being pretty fun, we played outside almost all day long. Big Kiss is finally swimming w/out holding hands (using a life jacket) and we couldn’t get him out of the water. Makes me so proud when he learns something new, he just beams he’s so happy.

And we put them to bed early – like 5.45 for Lil and 6.30 for Big! Which meant Momma could crash by 9! WHEW!

Back to the grind today. Cest la vie. I have a date w/ the gym at lunch, my jiggly bits need to be punished on the treadmill.

OH – and our bathroom is being ripped apart RIGHT NOW! I’m taking lots of pictures of the reno – can’t wait to see it when I get home.


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