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Momma Kiss

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Love, Me

Guess what I got today?!

Guess who they're from?


Yep - when we were dating, I made the mistake of telling the Mr. that "floral delivery is expensive and a waste of money - esp on big holidays like Valentine's Day!" Boy - he took that to heart. I haven't received any from him since.

Well - I should say that I also told him that simple daisies from the grocery store are just as pretty - and he gets these for me randomly, which I love.

Anyhoodle, brought a lil sunshine to my office.

Carry on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are my fav flowers. I love the simplicity of them...
Just thought I'd share that with you. And you deserve flowers - why not get them yourself?! :)

6/26/08, 2:15 AM  

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