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Momma Kiss

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Monday, June 9, 2008


So I got sushi for lunch (got to love Mondays at the Caf!) and ate at my desk. I decided I needed to get out of this sub-zero AC and see the sun for a few minutes!

So I thought I'd find a car wash because there's like 3 feet of pollen on every inch of the car, even inside! Off I go, only to be mega-sidetracked.
Like a beacon in the night, the big DQ sign was just calling my name!

I am so weak.

Meet Minty, the Mint Oreo Cookie Blizzard - my very first blizzard of the summer. Delish.

Problem? It's HELLA HOT here (93 today, 96 tomorrow! GAH - and there's lots of lovely humidity that comes along with it) - anyway - it's hot and my tasty treat was all a mess when I got back to my desk.

Didn't stop me from eating it. Wonder how many more I'll have this summer? Hmmm.

Oh, did someone mention a car wash? Yeah, me - didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That looks so damn good I am tempted to pull Kaylee out of bed to go get me some ice cream!!!

Although I did have the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup soft serve mess at Baskin Robbins yesterday for dinner at work. That was fantastical.

6/9/08, 5:44 PM  

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