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Momma Kiss: tumbleweeds up in here?

Momma Kiss

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

tumbleweeds up in here?

I'm baaaaaack. Got back Monday nite. Late.

I had the most supercalifragilistic trip to see family. My mommy. God. My mommy. And my brothers. My three older brothers are my lifelines, I swear. And their families. I'm so blessed.

I took about 200 pictures and some videos - the printed memories are never enough, but they'll get me through until our next visit.

Still unpacking (which is purely because I'm the laziest ass on the planet right now) and getting back into the job thing after working only one day last week. Maybe will write about the trip, maybe won't - but it was really just 4 days of talking late and laughing and crying and just soaking up the familial love.


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