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Momma Kiss: Temptation!

Momma Kiss

If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

Friday, May 23, 2008


This is what I am currently staring at.

I've already had some of the Diet Dr. I can't kick that habit! I'm down to one every other day - it's so frackin delish. But I'm supposed to drink that INSTEAD of the calorie and fat laden sweets that seem to be everywhere these days! Yeah, that bag of peanut m-n-m's? There's a HUGE bowl of bags on my admin's desk. So I resisted the temptation for 4 days and today - I grabbed a bag.

Now, my dilemma. How much will power do I have? I'd like to eat, oh, 10. Just 10. And save some for another day.

But they're just STARING at me.

I've already popped 3 into my mouth. DAMNIT! What to do what to do...

Oh, and I won a free Diet Dr. Pepper (the code on the inside told me!) It's a conspiricy, I swear. They don't want me to quit.

OK - off to hide the rest of the bag!

edit to add...
Must be some sort of record for me. I'm so weak! PANSY!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG that was freakin funny! I bet those M&M's were tasty!

5/25/08, 12:13 AM  

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