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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Share your lucky lotto numbers?

Scene: My bed, 5am. "Pablo" has just crawled up and over me into the middle. Sun's a blarin thru the window. I'm working sooooo hard to keep my eyes shut so that he does not think it's time to wake up.

Pablo (in a whisper): Excuse me, Momma. Milk please.

Momma: silence

Pablo: I'd like some milk please [whiny at the end]

Momma: more silence


Momma (one eye open): It's still early, in a minute.

Pablo: one minute? is it time? milk? one minute? excuse me momma. milk please. I'd like milk please, one minute?

I held the kid off till 5.45 but MAN, I need to use black sheets and duct tape to make my house dark dark dark until at least 6.30 am. He made up for it by giving me lots of hugs and kisses after he drank his milk. I hope this kid is always so loving.

And it's official, Lil Kiss has pink eye AND an ear infection. Loverly. But the kid was so exhausted, he slept all night long, didn't move an inch. And woke up with eyese like Rocky again - both eyes this time - but is looking much better now. Poor Lil dude.

On my way to work (at 1pm) I returned that damn dress. Tried on a smaller size, fit much better, but my barrel belly is still to thick for it to look "ok."


Off to play the lottery so I can get that tummy tuck...


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