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Thursday, May 8, 2008


I love Spring. Especially in the North East. The buds start budding on the trees, flowers start sprouting up. People are outside more, walking in the neighborhood. Everyone that's been bitching about the long cold winter is all aglow with happiness!

You know what, tho - Spring also means outfits change.

I happen to work in the home office of a retail company. So in the caf, it’s fun to see all the buyers dressed in the latest trends. Especially in the Spring – you know, light colored pants and “thinner” fabrics.

But some people really need some help, thus - I am here to assist.

** I do not want to see your thong. Ever. Not showing thru your light colored pants. Not peeking out of your pants. Not ever.

** I don’t care if you’re a size 2 or a size 20. I don’t, variety makes the world go round. But please, wear clothes appropriate for your size. Please. Everyone can look appealing in something, regardless of size...just b/c it's getting warmer out does not mean that you need to show more skin (via tiny shirts that are way too small for you).

** This is NEVER EVER acceptable:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG. That was too funny. Is this what you call "accounting"?

5/8/08, 5:21 PM  

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