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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cake? Grampa? Mommy!?

I'm back at work. Ew.

So the red eye. I don’t recommend it. But it was the best option available to me. I had a short layover in Long Beach, CA. Let me just say that I do not recommend this airport to anyone. All gates were outside, the seating area itself was questionable and skanky dirty and there were crazy people everywhere. But I turned on Iggy (the ipod) and watched a rented movie (I now pronounce you chuck & larry – pretty funny).

We board and I’m so freakin siked that I have a row to myself. Yep. So stoked.

Until this woman is walking around looking for more space w/ her little baby. I didn’t even hesitate to move over to share my row w/ her. I’ve been there done that and losing a bit of comfort was worth it…I truly believe in karma. She was really sweet and her 4mos old son was very good. Not that I’d have minded if he cried – I know it’s every traveling mother’s fear – but my belief is, babies cry, flying sucks for everyone involved, what can you do? But he slept and cooed. I slept some, too – but not enough to make Momma happy!

Anyway – the trip was amazing. I love getting away w/ Mr. Kiss. We sat by the pool a lot (it was 85 / 90 each day!), drank and ate a lot, slept a lot and even gambled some. I’m now in love with Roulette. I think I’ll buy my own wheel & chips.

I pulled into my driveway yesterday at 6.30am. I was exhausted to say the least but so excited to see my babies. As I dropped my bags, I heard Big Kiss yelling "MOMMY! ARE YOU?!" (where are you). I went up to their room and both were freshly dressed and free with their kisses. Well, Big Kiss likes to “cheek” me now, we kiss but he turns to give me his cheek at the last minute. And Little Kiss was in his crib, sitting up and totally started reaching for me and when I didn’t get there fast enough, he biffed his forehead into the corner of the crib :( Poor dude, he’s now sporting a bruised egg on his noggin :(. But I got the best smooches from him.

Gah, I love my boyzz.

Mr. Kiss gave me the rundown – who ate what, how they slept, etc. and then told me a story:
So get this: I saw you pull into the drive and said to Big Kiss “Guess What!” Big Kiss replies w/ the Big Eyed Whisper / Shout – “CAKE?” Ah, nope. “Grampa?” Ha, no. “Mommy!”

Yep, I’m 3rd in line behind Cake and Grampa. Nice. And now I know that Big Kiss was purely spoiled when I was gone, most likely with cake.

I helped get everyone ready for the day and then shipped them out the door – Momma needed to sleep! And sleep I did. I put on my newly acquired sleep mask (thank you Jet Blue!) and conked out for hours. Got up, ate, and slept some more.

Whew. Traveling wipes me out. And yesterday is a blur. I’m so ready for the weekend when NOTHING is going on!

Maybe I’ll even bake Big Kiss a (veggie hidden jessica senifeld) cake…


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