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Momma Kiss: HAPPY hump day.

Momma Kiss

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

HAPPY hump day.

This has been the best week EVAH. And it's only Wednesday. Monday I had the day off to spend with the boyzz (daycare was closed for an international event running thru our town).

It was fantastic.

Wait, Who am I and where is Momma Kiss?

Yeah, I admit it - I am FINALLY at the stage where I am not anxious about a full day with the boyzz. I used to get nervous, what will we do all day? How do I keep Big Kiss happy while trying to nap Little Kiss (without turning on the t.v. for 7 hours straight)? How many tantrums will Big Kiss throw and HOW FAST CAN WE GET TO TARGET??

But nope, Big Kiss has been fairly well behaved lately. Well, that or I'm better clued into his cues to head them off. And Little Kiss is just so fun these days. Very interactive, reaching for me, hugging me, laughing when I tickle his toes.

We all stayed in our jammies till almost noon. Little Kiss took a great morning nap and since we couldn't really go outside, I decided Big Kiss and I would have "quiet reading time" - he read his books and I read mine. He kept checking in:

Still reading, Momma?

No playing cars, right Momma?

No cartoons, right Momma?

Quiet time, Momma. You read.

I loved it! I actually got a few chapters of my book read. And when Little Kiss woke up, we all went to the grocery store - which was so fun (Again, who am I?). I had him in the bjorn and Big Kiss in the "big ass police car cart that's way to ginormous for words" - but he promised he'd sit in there the whole time and did just that!

Both boyzz played outside while I brought the groceries in and put them away. It's so cute to look out and see my children frolicking. Yes. Frolicking. Well, Big Kiss was. Little Kiss was sitting w/ that PERFECT baby posture, just playing with his toys and reaching to touch the grass like it was the most amazing thing.

Little Kiss took another nap (Score!) and so Big Kiss and I shared some spiderman mac & cheese and then he said was tired and walked up to his room. It was really too good to be true, he didn't nap - but he did play up there for an hour and we'll call that a "rest."

My momma friend in the 'hood was home w/ her kids, too, so we took a walk to her house. It was, oh, 65 or 70 degrees out? My little man, Big Kiss, he's just growing so much. Too fast for my liking. He now runs way up ahead of me, Freezes when I say (so I can catch up) and then runs some more. He picks up acorns and pinecones (corn). He surveys the sitch like the most curious of scientists. I just want to bottle him up. Can you do that? I know you can't.

Mr. Kiss had a big project going down, so I had the boyzz all to myself for the entire day and night and I am so thankful for it.

Yesterday, back to work and school for everyone. Mr. Kiss was out again (this time for fun) so I was on pick up; dinner; bedtime duty again. We got home and all went for a walk, had a great dinner together. Brother's Smooches for Little Kiss at bedtime and Big Kiss snuggled into me during his 20 minute pre-bedtime cartoon.

It's days like the past two that remind me that I'm meant to be a Mom.

Not just a Mom, I'm meant to be their Mom.

/end sappy Momma.

So this weekend the 'rents are coming to stay w/ the boyzz so that Mr. Kiss and I can go away and have some fruity drinks by a fabulous pool.

2 days of fun w/ Mr. Kiss and then 2 days of a work conference for me.

I'm lovin life right now!

And it's only Wednesday!

I hope it's contagious - everyone should feel this good.


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