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Momma Kiss: I am thankful.

Momma Kiss

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

I am thankful.

Now I know I’m clinically tired. I can’t stop crying today.

A friend of mine from high school is battling Leukemia, The Big Luke. She was pregnant, something was off, found out it’s cancer, lost her baby and is currently on her umpteenth hospital stay getting 9 days worth of treatment. With 2 other children at home. Now, we were out of touch and honestly not even that close in high school, but I feel for her, down to my heart, I wish she didn’t have to deal with it.

A friend I got to know through Little Kiss has a niece dealing with The Big Luke, too. She’s only 2. Spent her 2nd birthday in the hospital and they just had to shave her little head. I’ve never even met this girl or her family and it breaks my heart.

Makes my morning, my crazy ass morning, seem like a cake walk. At least my children are with me and my children are healthy.


Another friend told me what a good mom I am, that my love for my children is present in every single thing I do.

More waterworks.

God, I’m thankful for this day. Now please let me get through it and help the Kiss family sleep tonight!


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