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Monday, March 31, 2008

Non-yuck doctor...

I had a physical this morning.

I’ve been to the yuck doctor for pregnancies and normal womanly stuff, but other than being in for surgery last fall, I haven’t had an actual physical in many years.

We talked weight, and my need to continue working on it. We talked nutrition. We talked about my family history (only lung cancer in pops, and that's because he smoked!).

Love my Doc, she’s awesome. And tomorrow I’ll go back for labwork (after fasting, I forgot today ~ oops) to check thyroid and cholesterol. I’m half hoping it’s not in the danger zone, but somewhat high so that I have a health reason to keep losing weight.

How sick and twisted is that? But in my sick and twisted mind, I really feel like I’m doing ok on WW, but not as good as I should be. We’ll see. I better be careful what I wish for.

Oh, and I got a tetanus shot, so I’m now free to roam about the country.


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