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Momma Kiss: Still a loser.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Still a loser.

I weighed in this morning. It’s such a terrifying experience. I wake up and know it’s weigh in day. I do not eat. I do not even sip fluids. I brush my teeth and spit every last drop of water out.

I get to the meeting site – palms a sweaty - and take my jacket off. And my shoes. Sign in. Oh, and my belt. My belt should come off.

Like any of this will effect (or affect?) the scale. It might, right? And I do the same thing every week – so consistency is key ;)

I am down another 1.5lbs.

I am so stoked. This – a week with a loss – even when Mr. Kiss was away and I didn’t go to the gym more than once and had a lot of mommy juice. Dammit, I also had about a half a bag of hershey’s miniatures. (Fuck you – boss’ admin, put those things away!) Imagine if I had been really good???

And so today goes on...I took this from the Biggest Loser show (but have sort of been doing it on my own – so I’ll share credit). I count my weigh in day as my cheat day. I’m done with the scale for another week – and I have 6 days to be “good.” But I don’t go all hog wild, either.


Today, tho, I had curly fries. They were so freakin fantastic, it was worth it. It’s been months, since I’ve enjoyed some delectable fried curly rings of fat. And I topped lunch off with a bag of Flips. I prefer the white ones, but the Caf only had plain milk chocolate. Meh. They did the trick.

Off to plan tonight’s “cheat” dinner…


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