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Momma Kiss: Nice coke nail

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nice coke nail

Someone pump some Diet Dr. Pepp into my veins. Straight line it, baby. I’m tired. I have not been able to catch up! And the one day I really would love some rest, my kids are fighting sleep. It sucks donkey dong.

Mr. Kiss is away till Wednesday. Got up at the ass crack o’ not-even-dawn this morning (3.30am) to head out to the airport. Of course, I heard him rummaging around and then couldn’t get back to sleep till like 4.30. And Lil Kiss needed some drugs and a clean diaper at 5. I was just back asleep when Big Kiss came into my room around 6. His favorite trick is to poke me in the eye. Repeatedly. And when I finally open them, he’s all smiley: “Mommy, you wake up?” No shit Sherlock. “Yes honey, I’m awake.”

So begins this day…

By 9 I had gotten Little Kiss down for his morning nap and viewed 3 (3 too many) Go Diego Go episodes. I was going out of my mind. So as soon as Little Kiss got up, we decided it was field trip time! Forget the fact that it was snowing / raining and I looked like death warmed over…we needed out! I decided the mall was the best place to burn some energy and I needed some essentials, anyway. Sephora? Check. Aveda? Check. Stride Right? Check. Little Kiss needed some new Robeez. I spend more on shoes for a 6 month old than I do for myself We were crusing thru, Little Kiss in the Bjorn and Big Kiss marching around me and next to me and in front of me and behind me.

Burn, energy, burn!

Too bad this oh so well contrived plan backfired on me, he fell asleep on the 20 minute ride back home and never recovered.

I should go parole him, but I think I’ll just let him hang in his room for another twenty.

Oh, I booked our babysitter for tomorrow afternoon. She’ll come hang w/ the boyzz for a couple of hours so that I can go get some crap done. I need a mani / pedi like you read about. For some reason, my right hand pinky nail grows faster than the rest (am I a freak?)…one of my friends actually said “nice coke nail.” WTF - al-co-hol is the one & only drug i've ever done! But it is long. And the piggy toes are just in need of some love. No explanation necessary.
I think I’ll even head to Tar-ghay and Four-Bucks – just because I can!


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