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Momma Kiss: Caffeine much?

Momma Kiss

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Caffeine much?

When I was in college, I drank so much caffeine, I’m surprised my heart didn’t just pump itself right out of my chest. But it was never coffee. I used to think “Ick” (I’ve since seen the light, looooves me some coffee).

…Anyway, it was Pepsi or Mt. Dew. Full on sugar flow w/ those gut rotters. Move on down the road into my 20’s and I went camping or something where we didn’t have pop and I had serious withdrawal symptoms. Headache, stomach pains, nausea. I could not believe how addicted I was and that my body was so dependant! I decided to detox and went on for a few years drinking half-caf coffee or a couple of soda pop’s a week. And then at like 27 I just quit all together. I really didn’t want to be dependant on it. But I still needed my morning cup o’ joe (or 3)…so I fully switched to decaf. I know there’s some caffeine in decaf, but it’s really about the process for me. I love the taste of coffee (Fat Free Coffee mate, no sugar, please). And it wakes me up.

Fast forward again to working full time with 2 small children. I’m still on decaf (or unleaded, as my mom calls it) coffee – a couple of cups in the morning. But almost every single day I have a diet dr. pepper.

Hi, my name is MommaKiss and I am addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper.

I keep it at work, at home, buy it when I'm out shopping. I realized that this needs to stop after seeing this sight today: (in my office…)

We’ll see how things go. I love the taste of that shit, too – just like coffee – and it’s sorta like a treat. And better than the snickers bar calling to me at the vending machine. But I’m going to work on cutting back again. After this case is gone. I swear.


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