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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

my cocoon

Oh my garage, if you could see me right now.

I’m sitting on one end of the couch. My feet are on the ottoman. Laptop on my lap (huh..Lap. Top.)

To my left, the remote (The Bachelor London Calling is on DVR – oh, that girl is D-RUNK, putting her skanky underwear in Matty’s pocket), my calculator and my VPN sign in key toggle.

To my right, the end stand (or whatever you call it, a small table).

On that table: about 7 magazines that I need to read. And the home phone. And the cell phone. And an open bottle of pinot noir. And a glass half filled w/ said pinot…but not a wine glass, mind you – I was lazy and hadn’t washed any of the wine glasses so it’s just a regular ol glass. Old school, baby.

On the ottoman, a work binder, 2 pens, a highlighter and like 4 documents.

I’m a mess. But I should take a picture of the crap on every side of me.

Speaking of the work crap, tho, got to hit it. Fucking job.


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