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Momma Kiss

Momma Kiss

If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Mr. Kiss has been gone for 2 days, 12 hours and, oh, 30 minutes. He’ll be back in 1 day and 6 hours. I so need him to come home, I am beyond tired!

As such, here is my plea…

Dear God,

Please help me get through this day.

Please let me remember (again and again) that Big Kiss is a little dude and, as little dudes do, he whines. He will whine tonight. Please help me be patient when the whining ensues.

Please help me have even more patience when we pull into the drive way and he sees the “chalks” we made yesterday when Little Kiss was napping and wants to do more chalk. Please guide me through that conversation, that "no, it’s a school night and we need to get inside, have dinner and get ready for bed." And please help me understand his heartbreak when he has to come inside, head hanging, lip pouting.

Please grant me even more patience to get through dinner with both kids, bathtime with both kids (because I’ve put it off way too long) and bedtime with both kids.

Please make me see that reading to Big Kiss is a gift. Especially when he “reads” back to me. Help me not to rush through “just one more book” and “one more song.” Let me cherish the “I love you all the time, Mommy” instead of thinking about my laundry and dishes and work to be done.

Please reinforce to me at 3.30am that Little Kiss’ brand new teeth are coming in and it must hurt him like crazy and that this too shall pass. And when I’m ssshhhhh-ing him and rocking him, please remind that a day will come when my “baby” does not want to be snuggled.

Please let me remember that work is work – and it helps me provide for my family. It’s a busy time right now and thankfully my job allows me to work at home, so my amazing ability to spend the evenings with the boys should be cherished. My job will get done, even if I am tired – I will catch up on sleep, someday.

Please God, make the weather nice tomorrow so that Mr. Kiss has a safe easy flight across the country to get home to us.

And please God, remind me that he is my husband and I missed him – do not let me rush into how crazy it was when he was gone, let me tell him first that I love him and ask how his trip was. But after that, can I tell him? Let me know, thanks.

Please God – let me get through this day. Let me get through this day!



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