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Momma Kiss: Happy B-Day Mr. Kiss!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy B-Day Mr. Kiss!

Ah, Mr. Kiss. Today is your birthday. We’ve been together for lots of them now, 8 of them if I’m counting right. But we’re old – so maybe I’m off a little bit.

Birthdays are always fun for us. When it’s my turn, you’re so good at going all out and getting me the best cards. Especially the year I turned 30 and was newly pregnant and putting in incredibly long hours at work (back when I thrived on that challenge). You had planned to help me celebrate on the weekend but after a hormonal bitch meltdown, you took me out that very night and through my bitchy tears you presented me with the most beautiful cross pendant. And this past year, when I turned 33 – you made me dinner, bought the perfect little cake and gave me a gorgeous watch. This, just a couple of weeks after I got sparkly sapphire earrings in honor or having Little Kiss.

You’re good to me, Mr. Kiss. And I don’t tell you often enough.

And it’s times like this that I feel like I fail you. Here I am, at work waiting on a proof, past 8pm. On your birthday. I almost cried after you called so that Big Kiss could tell me that he was having a cupcake – the same cupcakes we made for you last night. It was so fun to help him sing happy birthday to you. But do you think he’ll remember that I wasn’t there? Will he remember that Momma was working late on Daddy’s birthday? I hope to God not.

I know, my busy time is almost over.

I know, we can do cupcakes and wine when I get home.

But it’s times like these that the whole “work life balance” is absolute bunk.

I just want to be great at it all. I want to be the perfect wife. The perfect mom. The perfect friend. The perfect worker. But nobody’s getting 100%. I’m handling all these balls and some are bound to drop and sadly, the birthday ball dropped tonight.

I’m sorry, Mr. Kiss.

I love you more than you know.

And I promise to help you blow out your candles tonight.


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