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Momma Kiss: Yours!

Momma Kiss

If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Mr. Kiss works in the energy industry.

No, not natural gas – that would be my specialty.

He just sort of happened upon this career after majoring in Psych (i.e. Fraternity parties and Beer) and working for a few other industries. He’s a project manager, a newish role to him, and he actually likes what he does (most days). To be quite honest, I have no fucking clue what he does all day. Or even how he gets to go on amazing trips to “work.” Um, Napa recently? What – are they bottling up the fumes from the winery?

What I do know is that he works closely with the traders in the company, they buy gas and sell electricity (or vice versa, who cares). And their office has an open floor plan, which would totally give me aggida! Imagine no walls around you – just a bunch of big conference tables, computer monitors back to back and side by side. In my mind, it’s kind of like those little hyper dudes in the yellow jackets on the NYSE trading floor, albeit not as chaotic, but these guys are on the horn all day buying and selling and making deals. And all other employees can hear the rukus.

One of Mr. Kiss’ work terms has made its way into our home and I have to say, it’s hilarious! In my dumbass explanation – if there’s a deal out there, and it’s a good one, the trader will call “Mine.” Alternatively, if the deal sucks and the trader wants no part of it, he says “Yours!” And picture the little hyper dude using an arm gesture, pointing like, while saying “yours!”

We use it at home, say when a movie trailer comes on for a fun movie (read: chick flick) and I suggest we see it. Mr. Kiss’ reply: “Yours.” Or when I’m all excited to make a new dish, but tell Mr. Kiss its weight watchers healthy. “Yours!”

Wouldn’t you know it, Big Kiss has picked it up. (of course, little sponge). Dude was busting me up yesterday. I had a day from hell at work but was on kid duty, so while I cruise home on auto pilot thinking about all that I still have to do – I’m treated to “The Big Show” in the back seat of Dora our Explorer…

Big Kiss’ carseat is on the right and Little Kiss is in the middle so they face each other (b/c Little Kiss is rear-facing). Big Kiss loves to entertain Little Kiss – the more laughs the better.

I melts my heart, I could listen to that brother-fun All. Day. Long.

And then he just comes out with “Yours!” Hand gestures and all! And I’m laughing so hard I’m almost crying. I wanted to call someone, but I also just wanted to be in the moment. The more Big Kiss said it, the more Little Kiss laughed.

And I’d have to call “Mine!” All mine.


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