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Momma Kiss: Time to breathe...

Momma Kiss

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Time to breathe...

I’m taking the day off.

Sure, nobody knows it, but I’m doing NOTHING even resembling work.

I’m sitting here, at my desk – with certain windows open in case I need to toggle for “boss alert” but I fully intend to catch up on MY LIFE today!

I got home at 10.30 last night and Mr. Kiss was so preoccupied with the fact that his basket ball team blew a huge game (in the NIT, not even the Big Dance) he wasn’t even phased that I “missed” his birthday. So we had some wine and shared the heart shaped mini-cake I made him [feel free to gag on that cheesy tidbit] and then went to bed.

Little Kiss was up around 2, snorky as all get out. I took him into bed w/ me, which I don’t do very often – he just doesn’t sleep well – but he must have missed his Momma and snuggled right in to the crook of my arm and we slept for a couple of hours. He was tossin around at 4 so I gave him a bottle and he slept the rest of the night in his crib.

Both boyzz were up around 7, I helped pack everyone up (while still in my jammies) and then promptly sat my ass down on the couch w/ some coffee and the today show. It’s been ages since I’ve done that! Then did a couple of loads of laundry, had a leisurely shower and packed up Otto (Kiss family mascot) for doggie day care. He goes once a week – we’re not above paying someone to run our dog for a day – and trust me, everyone involved is happier for it.

I went to Four-Bucks, had a super large drink (decaff!) and read for an hour. A whole hour! I also stopped in to DSW shoes – just to look. I’m now sportin real live grown up shoes, no fun trendy (but painful) targhay or payless shoes. It was much overdue. Walked in to work only an hour and a half late and no body said a thing. Didn’t expect it. We’re all fizzle fried from the past couple of months.

Mr. Kiss called – we’re finally booking our flights to Vegas. I have a conference to attend next month and he’s coming along for the free ride. Can not wait!

Ahhh, it’s lunch time – perfect!


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