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Momma Kiss: FU naptime??

Momma Kiss

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

FU naptime??

Why oh why is my little boy not napping?? And I'm not even talking 'bout Little Kiss - BIG KISS has said FU to naps the past 2 weekends. *mad face*

But I still try - he's too young to give them up, no?

He's currently up in his room fighting it like mad. He's banging the wall w/ his feet, whining, jumping on the bed, coming to the door, opening and closing the door, running back to his bed.


The sad thing is I know he's tired. When I go tell him "if I have to come up here one more time" (um, when did I become my mother???) he's all yawning and saying he's tired but he won't sleep. But as soon as I leave it's all "I'm all done, I sleep two hours!"

Nucking futs, I'm serious!

Side note, as I listen to him moan & groan, I'm enjoying a little Diet Dr. Pepper (just one) and some Pirate's Booty. That shit is good, puffy & salty - but the Booty "dust" is nasty. Like worse than cheetos nasty! It was all over my shelf (chest) and took 2 pumps o my bath & body works vanilla bean to clean off of my fingers.


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