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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Don't schmear me, Momma!

Ah, it’s hump day. Bliss.

Mr. Kiss had a minor surgical procedure done yesterday, so I took the day off to run “ervands” (Big Kiss word) in the morning and then played nursemaid in the afternoon.

Took the kiddies to school – it was picture day and I put them in matching Hawaiian shirts. They’re clearly too young to talk back (much) and I fully intend to continue to embarrass them until they can tell me to Go To Hell. Oh, and all the teachers loved it (since they usually look like little cut-outs from the j crew catalog, even tho it’s targhay or TJ Maxx clothes) – I can not wait to see the outcome!

Then I had my own labwork done, had lunch w/ a girlie friend and kept movin on down my list. I tried to sell my infant car seat to a consignment shop, but they don’t take them if they’re more than 3 yrs old. The law is 5, but they want any buyer to “get plenty of use” out of it. Hey, I get it, but who the F is going to use an infant carseat for 2 years? I’ll just put it on craigslist. The point of that, tho, is that Little Kiss has reached yet another milestone in “growing” and I’m mourning his infancy. I know in my heart he’s my last and I’m OK with that, but I just wish I could bottle him up.

He really is the sweetest little baby. We go places and with Hurricane Big Kiss running around, Little Kiss just chills, taking it all in. He’s very laid back. He’s very happy. He sleeps really well (when those damn teeth aren’t keeping him up). He talks and talks to his toes. His face lights up when I walk into the room. When Mr. Kiss talks, Little Kiss’ eyes just stare in amazement at his daddy. He is 7 months already and I miss his baby-hood.

This morning I needed to remind myself of the cutie patootie moments as we had another Code Brown. It always happens at the most opportunistic time, no? Mr. Kiss has today off and needed to lay low – no lifting, etc. so morning time was up to me. Big Kiss had been fed and was watching cartoons. Little Kiss had been fed and was chillin in the saucer. World’s fastest shower for Momma! (Have to admit getting ready in the morning is so easy w/ my sassy new do).

So I’m just about ready to go and Little Kiss is fussin, which can only mean he’s tired (nope), hungry (nope) or shitty. BINGO! Up his back, out the legs, everywhere! I had to carry him like “men who know nothing about babies” carry babies, KWIM?

Arms out straight, legs a dangling.

Life and times of a working mother trying to start her day. I was using wipes like there’s no tomorrow and praying that I can get the shitty onsie off of him without schmearing him. Because you know that the blow outs only occur in a onsie – never a simple button shirt that would come of oh so easy. I had to cut one off of Big Kiss once, good times, really.

We recovered, everyone clean and hands washed (a lot) and Hi Ho, Hi Ho, off to work I go.

Well, lunch time for me. Counting the minutes till I can see my little boyzz (OK, and the big boy, too).


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