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Momma Kiss: Sunday blues

Momma Kiss

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday blues


I'm avoiding my life right now. I have to make some of Little Kiss' food (don't worry, he won't starve, but I have some sweet potatoes and zucchini to smush up for him and don't wanna do it).

I had a GNO (girls nite out) last night and was soooooo tired, but it was a great, much needed night w/ my "circle." Didn't get home till almost midnight - ugh. And the Boyzz did NOT get the memo that Momma was tired yesterday - so I had been up since 5a. I slept pretty hard last night, Little Kiss was up at 3.30 (a mere 3 hours after my head hit the pillow) and again at 5. I really REALLY want him to get healthy - double ear infections suck ASS.

Our weekend was fairly uneventful - love those. Much needed at times! Today Mr. Kiss requested 3 hours to be "off the clock" so that he could actually watch the Masters. Not just have it on and let life go on around him...But crack a beer, park in the recliner and WATCH it. The event holds a special place in the Kiss marks the anniversary of the arrival of our 2nd baby...First was Otto, the Kiss Mascot. And our 2nd baby arrived in April 2005 - a monster (too big to be real) HD flat screen t.v. for Manland. I'm sure it has many more electronic qualities that I'm leaving out, but what the fuck do I know - it's a nice t.v. and you can see the Nike Swoosh on Tiger's ball crystal clear.

So - um - don't have to ask me twice! Big Kiss actually napped (after an hour of bullshit) so after that, I said - Boyzz, pack it up, We're going shopping! It was rainy so we went to the mall to get Big Kiss some shoes and me some new skin stuff. My forehead is "angry" - just a frikkin mess (damn post-partum skin) The Origins lady talked me into some stuff that I'm sure was way too expensive and who knows if it'll work - but I'm trying it.

We had a nice family dinner. It was our first attempt to make a family meal and offer it to Big Kiss with out options. Pork chops, corn on the cob and potatoes. He loved the corn (called it popcorn) and wouldn't even touch the rest. Ok. You may be excused, but realize that unless you TRY it, no snacks or milk later. I mean, come on, my kid obviously has not missed a meal - if he's that hungry he'll eat. And he didn't touch it further, he was excused and went to bed w/out more. I feel a little bit like shit - but it's a process. And he needs to eat better.

Now I have the Sunday Blues, which usually only hit Mr. Kiss - but I just don't want to face the world tomorrow. Can't I just stay in my (oh so cute & comfy) Nick & Nora jammies all day? And have coffee and watch the today show and stay w/ my kids? Can't I??? Ugh. Instead I have to go to work, offsite at the printers (for our Annual Report) and be "on."

I'm totally rambling, not making a lick of sense and should hit the hay. After Big Brother and then The Tudors on DVR.


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