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Momma Kiss

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Friday, April 11, 2008

different kind of buzzzz....

I'm a little bit tipsy. Just a little bit.

Date Night with Mr. Kiss. I love him. I love him a lot. We went to dinner at an oldie but new to us local hole and it was amazing. I ordered mine "just a little bit spicy" and I wanted to sop it up w/ a biscuit it was so flocking good! I did manage a little bit of will power and managed to have some leftovers...which I will not eat, lunch for Mr. Kiss tomorrow. See, I love you Mr. Kiss. Then we went to the the bar where we're working on becoming regulars...had to stand for a bit (how dare they?) but then bellied up and woot - booze is flowing, Yankees / Sox are on t.v. and I'm in lurve.

Again, my people watching skills are in full force. This couple at the bar, whom we eyed viciously to get up (Get UP!) to no avail, was quite interesting. I'd put him at - maybe 35. But her - maybe 45 / 50. Total cougar wannabe. And it was very odd. He'd be all into her, feel her up, kiss her, etc. and then lift his eyes and look my way - like "you jealous" or "you likey?" Um, no sir, me no likey. No likey at all. Ew. She wasn't even really a cougar, she was wrinkly and clearly looked her age. But it was some good shit to watch!

Speaking of the Yankees / Sox (I was, right?), it reminds me of how I met Mr. Kiss. It was at Fenway Park, in the bleachers, about 110 degrees - me in a wife beater and ball cap, him boozin and in a Yank's jersey. Yeah, I'm quite a catch. I am. I really like sports. I love football, baseball, golf, college hoops and even lacross (Big Kiss = LAH CRross). So yeah, I love to watch sports, attend sporting events and talk about sports. To a point, but still, I love it. YET - shine me up in hose & high heels and I can wowza the best of them! I can be a girly girl but also love to kick back w/ a Miller Lite (or Guinness) and watch the Masters.

So yeah, I'm a catch, right? Well, for Mr. Kiss at least, because he is a sports NUTJOB. I'm talking more than the average bear. He stores sports facts like a squirrel stores nuts. Like Fort Knox jails prisoners. Like an old lady hordes cats. Like Big Kiss stores his cars. FACTS. And sometimes, we can discuss said facts and I actually add to the convo. I'm telling you, I'm a catch. :p

OK - my tipsy-ness is turning to drunk. I need to hit the hay. This should be fun to read tomorrow...


Blogger The Commish said...

Two things...

1. Found your blog via the Shauna Glenn, 5 o'clock blog.

2. I'm a hardcore Red Sox fan.

3. Great stuff. Keep up the parenting stories. I'm right there with you!

Wait, that as three...

8/28/09, 4:00 PM  
Blogger MommaKiss said...

Well, Commish. First - you scared the shit out of me - because we call Mr. Kiss The Commish of his fantasy leagues...and I thought it was him commenting to me. Mr. Kiss is not welcome here ;)

Second, the red sox are not my team, but you can stay anyway.

If you learn to count.

8/28/09, 4:11 PM  
Blogger Dan @ Jane, You Ignorant Slut said...

Fort Knox is for gold, right?

3/6/10, 2:12 PM  

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