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Friday, April 18, 2008


I don’t know WHAT THE EFF is wrong w/ my kid.

Little Kiss has been up so much every. Single. Night.

He goes to bed at his normal time (6.30 or earlier) and by 9.30, he’s fussin. And again at 1. And again at 2, when I need to actually calm him down. Well at 4am – he was screaming bloody murder. This routine has been going on for the past – oh – 4 nights? I’ve been holding off on the drugs b/c he was on so much w/ the amox / ear infections but gave him some hylands and Tylenol last night. Teeth? Lingering in the ears? Or even allergies?

How the fuck does a 7month old have allergies??

I think they’re getting me, too (allergies) – last night – out of the blue I was hacking like a 90 yr old lifetime ciggy smoker…and then my throat was (still effing is) so sore. Do unknown allergies come on that fucking fast?

Ugh. I’m at my wits end. Little Kiss' ear infection follow up w/ the Doc isn’t till next Friday. He doesn’t have temp, tho – wouldn’t that be the indication of an infection?

AND, I’m going away tonight. Visiting my BFF. I fly out at 9 and come back on Sunday afternoon. Mr. Kiss is taking the boyzz to his 'rents tomorrow. All I want is a weekend away – she’s leaving her kids, too – but I feel like a complete azz leaving Mr. Kiss and his 'rents w/ a fussy kid. Why? Isn’t that the best time to get away ;) But really, I do.

I’m just the caretaker, you know? He's a great baby-daddy, but it’s not in his makeup to soothe like Momma does. I had to actually write a list (at his request) of what to do when he wakes up, his schedule, etc. He knows he can do it on his own, but he just likes the reminder. I’m OK w/ that but GAH, the added stress. I soooooo can not wait for my massage tomorrow…And the bottleS of wine we intend to consume.

So we’re going to the DE beach – my friend’s in-laws have a house there and it’s where she got married. It’s a quick trip but a get away for both of us and I’m so excited.

I just need my kid to reset himself - even if he does it JUST for poppa - I want him to be well!


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