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Momma Kiss: 33 hours of pure bliss.

Momma Kiss

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Monday, April 21, 2008

33 hours of pure bliss.

I had the best weekend with my friend, Bobo. Her house is 424.2 miles from Chateau Kiss.

That’s about 423.1 miles too far.

My flight was later in the evening and when I landed, we had a 2 ½ to 3 hour drive ahead of us…Which on a normal night would put me waaaayyyy past my bedtime but that uninterrupted time in the car w/ Bobo? You can’t PAY for time like that! We finally arrived at the beach and were tucked in bed around 2am. I was exhausted. Wait, EXHAUSTED. But very excited to see my friend. So the slumber Gods blessed us and we slept till 9. Even tho it wasn’t a long night’s sleep, I can not remember the last time I slept till 9.

We went for breakfast at this place she’s always wanted to try but never had and it was yummilicious! I got the salmon benedict and she got the crab version. Halfway thru, we swapped plates. And I was groped a few times by this 80 yr old man, who decided he neede to use the restroom more than once just to walk by us and feel me up.

Then a reload on coffee and headed to the outlets. Well, one store only - a Coach outlet. Need I say more? There was sooooo much on sale and I could have easily spent $500. And I’d have had so much so show for that cash! Alas, all I got was the cutest tiniest little “coach wallet keychain” that holds 2 pictures (perfect for the boyzz). It’s green & white. I’ll have to try to find a pic. Bobo showed much restraint and only got the wristlet she was actually shopping for and a similar photo keychain. Afterward we discussed a nap but honestly? I had less than 24 hours to spend there and didn’t want to spend it snoozing.

So we decided to drink in public instead ;)

We loaded our bags w/ magazines that we could use to pretend to read while we people watched and then proceeded to pour champagne into sippy cups. With straws.


But highly functional.

We took a stroll to the exact spot on the beach where she got married, took some pictures of the waves and couldn’t believe how nice it was to be walking around w/out a diaper bag or stroller or snot wiper or (insert any kid related item). We parked ourselves on the boardwalk – sippies in hand – and just gabbed. It was really priceless. And she’s one of those friends who you can go weeks or months w/out seeing and you just fall back into step like you saw each other the previous night.

We went back to the condo to pee & reload the sippies. We booked a spa date at this new place right on the boardwalk that Bobo was really excited to try. Hell - it was a cluster fuck from the get go. We were booked for 3.30 pedicures. When we showed up, totally on time, they said that they could take Bobo right away, but didn’t I call to cancel mine? Um, nope. Well, you see, Donna had a massage at 3.30, she called to reschedule for 2pm and then never showed. Hey – that’s great & all, but I’m not Donna. My name is similar, but nope, I’m not Donna. I proceeded to make myself a name tag, first and last name, and taped it to my chest. And we called the bitch who screwed everything up Donna Martin Graduates. If there’s a remote chance in hell she has a clue this is about her: Fuck off! So yeah, that was just the beginning. The place had tons of potential. They sell / use Aveda stuff which is exactly my cup o’ tea. And it’s right on the boardwalk – but the shop was closed up as if were 40 degrees outside. The sea breeze would have added so much to the ambiance.

But they offered wine when we arrived (suh-wheet!) and then only had red and we prefer white (can’t mix colors or there’d I’d be in hangover hell the next day). Great, the owner who was gayer than a bag full or rainbows (not a necessary detail, I guess, but it is such a perfect description of him and we loved him!), went out to get some. We see him coming back in w/ a box. A box o’ wine. And it was warm. So they put ice in it.

We should have passed altogether, but seriously, the wine was the best part of the experience.

The sitting together and soaking was really fun – me w/ my nametag and us both cursing Donna Martin Graduates…we got lots of attention. But the pedi’s sucked ass. The chick didn’t even clean up the cuticles or file the nails. And the application had to be done 3 times. We were clearly not happy and got 20% off and a 10% off for the next visit that Bobo made clear would probably go to waste. Her inlaws’ condo is about 30 feet from the place and she would have loved to be able to recommend it to the family / beach friends but no way in hell is that happenin! So we chalked it up to – hmmmm, can’t even describe it? No chalking up – we just left.

Since our toes clearly did not need special post-pedi carefulness, we just went crazy and played in the waves. And then Bobo splashed me and we pushed each other in and then just plopped our asses down in the sand and laughed and hugged. We could have easily been lovers or sisters…but nope, just best friends having a great time away. We got some couple to take our pics which is Supah b/c we never ever get pics of us, it’s always pics of one of us w/ the kids or just the kids.

Oh – and in the mayhem I lost my shades. Some bottom-feeding crab is prolly sportin a stylish look right now. You’re welcome.

As if that weren’t enough adventure for one day, we had dinner reservations at some swanky establishment that required a shower. Whoa. But I guess after sitting in the ocean getting sand stuck in undies, I needed it.

I have to admit I was pretty wiped out but dinner was serene and fantastic. Bobo’s family eats there a lot and, in fact, that same week her mother in law and aunt had dinner there and her aunt choked on asparagus and the bartender had to perform the Heimlich! So Bobo was instructed to hug everyone involved and say thankyou thankyou thankyou for saving her aunt’s life. We were also advised not to eat the stuffed chicken breast (asparagus bearing culprit). I had a scallop dish and Bobo got the Mac & Cheese and we shared a dessert. I do not know how I even fit all of that in my gubba, but a girl’s gotta eat ;)

Back to the ranch, jammies on and I was drooling by 10pm. Party Animals.

Sunday we slept in a lil, took a walk for coffee and then headed out. It’s always hard when our weekends are ending. We know we need to get on w/ our lives and back to our families but we just always wish there was more time.

I’m actually working on a real Ode to Bobo, which is heavily based on fate and circumstances, but our weekend in general just solidifies the fact that I truly believe you have a few soulmates in the world…One (or two) for marriage and a few for friendship. Sometimes I wonder if we were separated at birth – but no, we’re closer than sisters. We’re friends and that is much more valuable to me.

I love you Bobo. I had a fantastic weekend! Can’t wait to see you again.

a few pics from the trip: SO wish we had time to eat here...

Bobo has a "lip stuff" obsession...these were ALL in her purse!

and finally, the cutest little keychain in the world. it's a softer green than this shows - perfecto!


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