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Momma Kiss

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Coffee? Tea? Me?

Blah. I'm sitting in the airport, waiting to head back to reality. Mr. Kiss left early this morning, fully intending to relieve the 'rents for bedtime - but of course he had a delay and got home 2 hours late. The 'rents don't mind (so they say, I'm pretty sure it's true)...but I think they'll stay one more night instead of heading home right away.

I - on the otherhand - will be spending my evening on an Aero-plane.

The Red Eye.


I'm literally going from sleeping in the most luxurious bed I've EVAH slept in to a crunched up airline seat. The best I can hope for is a row of my own so I can stretch out all 62 and a quarter inches of myself.

Crossing my fingers...


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