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Momma Kiss: Love hate relationship

Momma Kiss

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Love hate relationship

The Laptop.

What an invention.

When I was an auditor (eons ago!) I had a laptop and that thing was my life (client software, etc.). But that was before wireless was big and there wasn’t nearly as much fun stuff on the internets.

My previous gig, in an investment bank – I had a desktop and absolutely loved that I did not have to carry my office with me every single day.

At the current sweat shop – I have both. I typically use the laptop only at home (I do get to work from home once in a while), but lately I’ve been luggin it back & forth b/c my desktop hasn’t been upgraded in ages and I’m too - meh - I don't know, lazy? - to call IT to take care of it.

Anyhoo – I love and hate the little machine.

The Love,

• So easy to sit the couch in the evenings, catch up on DVR and surf the net. Or blog. Or play with photoshop. Or instant message. You get it.

• Very handy for the couple of hours I had in the Vegas aeroport a few weeks ago – wireless rocks! And for free, even bettah!

• On rainy weekends, one form of entertainment w/ Big Kiss is to click around to find Diego (barf), The Backyardigans (ew) or Yo Gabba Gabba (stab me in the eye). AND – he absosmurlfly loves looking at videos and pictures of himself on our family website. We have a few friends on the same site and cruising those is fun for him too.

• It’s makes for an easier world, I have to admit.

The Hate,

• So easy to sit the couch in the evenings, catch up on DVR and surf the net. Or blog. Or play with photoshop. Or instant message. You get it. Heh. Looks familiar, no? But I can not believe how much MORE I’m online, etc. with this friggin laptop! It’s almost an addiction. I’m not that bad – yet – but good Lawd, I used to do many other things while catching up on DVR: stretch, sit ups, write in my journals to the boyzz, talk on the phone. I just don’t do that stuff as much. Sad.

• Mr. Kiss is on it all the time, too. When he’s supposed to be “with the boyzz.” He flips on cah-toons and grabs the laptop (or his fucking crackberry). Not the image I want them to be accustomed to – b/c they’ll think it’s the norm. And we do not want that in our house! (full disclosure, my own use is typically after they’ve been asleep and drooling for hours.)

• It’s damn heavy. Should I continue my love, I may need the boz to upgrade me to a slimmer version. Wait – the heavy part could be a love thing – it’s a minor work out to carry this damn brick to & from work ;)

Ok – so what’s it gonna be, laptop o’ mine??? I have to make some choices – do I love you enough to keep you around???


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love/hate my laptop too. Keep it. you know you want to!

5/8/08, 2:41 PM  

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