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Monday, May 19, 2008

Random Shiznit

~~I went a little crazy this morning and added cheese to my omelet. Low-fat white american cheese. I don't recommend it. Just go big or go home and get the real shit. I'll stick to the plain ol egg whites w/ peppers and tomatoes & a splash of Frank's Red Hot from now on.

Of course, I still finished the whole damn thing.

~~We opened our pool this weekend. I say "we" - but I just watched. Dontcha just want to take a dip???

Heh. This is fresh from the long hard winter. Have to get it ready for the pool guy to come this week to install the HEATER! And after like 3924879 gallons of chemicals, it's actually turning blue as we speak.

~~We went to a friend's kid's First Birthday party on Saturday. Gorgeous day, my kids were absolute angels (of course) and the everyone had so much fun. Even their dog. "We ain't leavin till the Doggie's HEE-vin!"

~~I'm not happy with my outfit today. I found the cutest dress at Targhay the other day (Yes, at Target - I'm thrifty and the economy is in the shitter right now). It's brown and summery and wicked comfy. But it came with this tie / belt thing and using that made me look pregnant so I skipped it and with out it the dress has no shape and I feel like I'm wearing a mumu. It's very very comfy. But not at all flattering.

Lessee if I can find a pic. It's frackin cute. Hmmm, maybe I just need a smaller size? Anyhoodle, I guess I'll just spend the day in my office.

~~Lil Kiss woke up with one eye swollen shut. I think the kid has allergies. BAD. I'm pretty sure it's not pink eye - we've been there done that and the inside isn't pink. But he's all snorky, sneezing snot rockets and rubbing his eyes. He looked like Rocky this morning w/ one eye all stuck shut. So we've got that to contend with today.

~~Big Kiss called me a cow. I was putting a ribbon in my hair (closest thing I could find to tie back the mess) and he said "Momma you're a COW!" Um, OK. "Say moo, momma." Blank stare. "SAY MOOOOOOOOOO!" moo. "Momma's a COW, Momma's a COW!" Thanks kid, love you too.

~~Oh, and he likes to be called Pablo now. "My name Pablo." As in, won't do anything unless you call him Pablo. Sit and finish your breakfast, Pablo. Sleep tight Pablo. Don't hit your brother, Pablo. My guess is he's gonna get funny looks at school if he keeps it up but - meh - it's kinda funny to me.


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