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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Single Parents Rock

Where o where has my hus band gone,
Where o where can he be?

Yep, that's right - Mr. Kiss is gone again, leaving me to single-mom it for a few. He's back late tonight, tho - so yay me. The thing is, it's a really busy time at work and so I've had to book our babysitter (Lil Kiss' daycare teacher) to bring the boyzz home from school, get them fed and in their jammies. Lil Kiss has been in bed before I'm home, but - much to our delight, we get to catch up in the wee hours. Last night, for instance, he decided he wanted to play from 2a to 3a. The night before - it was 4a to 5a...Sigh. At least I get to see him!

When the bebe and I are "playing", Big Kiss says screw this and goes to my bed (they share a room). 'S OK, that king sized bed is pretty lonely w/out the Mr.

So while I've been paying someone else to "single mom" for me in the evenings, I do get the pleasure of getting everyone ready & out the door in the mornings.

Good times.

Lil Kiss now NEEDS me in his sight at.all.times. or he goes batshit crazy. Seriously - cranes his neck and yells if he can't see me. And he's semi-crawling (mobility SUCKS!) so I can't just plop him down any ol place anymore. Yesterday, whilst Big Kiss was happily eating fruity cheerios and watching cah-toons, I had to sit Lil Kiss in the bathroom w/ me while I took a shower. I will be signing them both up for therapy for having to see my nekkid body, I'm quite sure. But what the hell, he was content (if not scarred for life) and I was clean.

This morning was a tough one, but with only one session in the penalty box, we were good to go. I didn't even have to clean up baby puke off my shoulder today. Score one for Momma.

I do not know how single parents do it. And once again, I so appreciate me madre for raising us on her own, while going to college. My Hero.

Hope you find your way home safe, hus-band of mine - praying for good weather, good flights and that you got some rest - b/c your loving ass is getting out of bed tonite to play w/ your children!


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