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Some quotes from my date w/ the DVR...

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Momma Kiss: Some quotes from my date w/ the DVR...

Momma Kiss

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some quotes from my date w/ the DVR...

A few television quotes, since I’ve been catching up on DVR

Side note – I was SO flucking stoked to do the elliptical last night and the god damn thing is broken. No tension - I was pushing it all the way up to 10 and NOTHIN. So I drank and watched T.V. instead. Hence the quotes...

Not verbatim, remember, I was drinking…

“Well I don’t speak girl.” ~Christina, Grey’s Anatomy

“I like Penis. I mean, I’m a huge HUGE fan of penis.” ~ Callie, Grey’s Anatomy tee hee.

“Marriage is hard. The man I’m looking to marry is the one who will work hard with me.” ~Fakey Blonde Shayne, or how ever the F you spell her name, the winner of The Bachelor (it’s actually a fantastic, mature thought).

“Monkey, will you marry me?” ~Matt Grant, the newly engaged Bachelor. (How endearing. There had better be a damn good story behind it, so they can tell their kids…who am I kidding, like it’ll last).


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