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Saturday, May 24, 2008

My achin head!

Mr. Kiss and I went to the NCAA LaCrosse tourney today. The first game was at noon, so booked the babysitter for 8am and were on the road by 8:30am! 25 seconds later, we were all excited and giddy and I said - "you got the tickets, right?"

Dora our Explorer made a promt U-Turn. Score one for Momma, HE FORGOT THE TICKETS! And I reminded him! I'd have been PIZZED if we got to the game and no tickets. Woot for me.

Anyway, this is gonna be a lil disjointed because it's been a looooooong day. We got to the parking lot around 9...because of course you have to tailgate for a college lacrosse game, right? We had mimosas - pounded 2 bottles of champagne by 11 am. Fantastic. I proceeded to wash it down w/ a beer (ew). So yeah, I was tanked by noon.

Our seats were so great, row one - behind the teams. And God knows why but the camera man was on us like a fly on shit...we were apparently on t.v. a whole lot! I had a blast, but then passed out, I mean, took a nap for about 15 minutes. Wonder of that was on t.v.? Hrmph.

In the end our team won - in double over time - and I lost my voice we screamed so much.

Back home by 4ish, to excited screams from both boyzz. It was also, coincidentally, just in time for the hangover to begin. I immediately started the "countdown to bedtime" in my head... Big Kiss was jealous, he wanted to come w/ us to the "LAH-cross game"...maybe on Monday - we're going back for the final round.

Kids have been snoozing for a while, I'm about to join them.

Drunk Momma is fun.

Hangover Momma is a bitch.


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