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Momma Kiss

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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Where to begin...

I banged in sick the past 2 days from work. Farmed the kiddies out to daycare and got some shit done! I did about 10 loads of laundry, made lines in my carpet w/ the vacuum, mopped all hardwoods, put away my winter crap in the attic, got some summer stuff down, put away some baby toys, lowered Lil K's crib so he wouldn't jump out, took Otto to the park to swim his guts out, spent $175 at Targhay and even got a massage *funny story about that but no time for it tonite*. I was actually a lil sick, too - a lot, really - but drugged myself silly and feel pretty good now (drug-free).

Lil Kiss still isn't sleeping well, but found out why tonight. I picked him up from school and he was a hotbox. So off to the doc we go - still has his ear infection. He's on a 3rd type of antibiotics - and piggybacking motrin / tylenol. Perfecto timing, as we're set to fly out to see my whole god damn family tomorrow. Doc said he's OK to fly - but will prolly be miserable on the up & down and his ear drum may burst. Thanks for that tidbit.

So yeah - we'll be "that" family - sorry in advance to anyone on our plane.

Speaking of the flight - we're going to see my lil baby nephew graduate from High school. And he reports for basic training in the Air Force in July. That scares the living daylights out of me - but he's dead set and I support him. And I'm going to see my mum for the first time since September when the little dude was born. And 2 of my older bros, it's been almost a year. I'm so frackalackin happy to see everyone I could shit.

Our flight is early, and we're 45 min out from the airport, so the Kiss Hizza will be ablaze around 5.15 am. Meh - another day in the life for us. I'm praying to God above that my boyz stay healthy and we have a safe trip to see MY MOMMY!!!

For the record, I've had to stop typing 3 times - twice to tend to the hacking kid up stairs and once to clean up my dog's barf. All the while? Mr. Kiss is in bed sawing logs. Loudly. F'r.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Momma Kiss in the hizza!!! Damn Gina you a busy lady. I'm tired just reading everything. I need me some mommy juice.

Hope the visit w/ the fam was great, but it's time for you to come home. I'm having MommaKiss withdrawls!

Hope you are ALL feeling better & not being a house full of sickos.

6/2/08, 12:11 AM  

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