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Momma Kiss: Chelada anyone?

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Chelada anyone?

OK. Surprise! I’m drinking!

Mmmm hmmm.

It’s Thursday – I just drank my face off all weekend w/ my brothers and SIL and was feeling withdrawals, I mean, a lil too sober so I’m having a loverly frosty beverage.

Lemme just share with you my drink of choice. I’ve always known it as Red Beer. Miller Lite (my fave, but insert any lite beer) + Clamato Juice. Sounds Wicked Jack Nasty, I know it does – but it’s so fucking good.

Clamato juice is made by Motts and defined as: a blend of tomato juice and liquefied clams. Doesn’t that make you want to gag? Been there. But don’t knock it till you try it.

Prove my point?? Budweiser is now marketing the shit!

We found out this weekend, my SIL and I were in awe as my bro (her Hubs) brought these home:
It's called Chelada. Holy Shnikes!! Yum.

Only problem…I’ve had 3 in the past hour! Mr. Kiss & I were catching up on DVR’s (Hell’s Kitchen – love YES CHEF!) and I had 2 then decided he didn’t need to witness my drunk ass so I said I was comin upstairs and threw one in my robe pocket. Hmmmm. AND, it’s sorta salty so I’ve raided Big Kiss’ potty candy jar – damn M&M’s are delish!

Oh - also, I've been informed by the Mr. that he needed to play w/ the SFB's* sometime really soon. If not, he'll have to seek it elsewhere. LMAO!

*saggy fun bags - my word, not his - he likes boobs in any shape or form.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This made me LMAO. seriously. That is some funny shiznit.

I love drunk posts. Maybe if you drink red beer this weekend you won't mind too much the SFB play!!! :)

hahaha! the word verification thingy says bigy... Hmm, it must know about the DD SFB's!!!! LMAO

6/6/08, 2:55 AM  

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