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Momma Kiss: Apparently I'm on a Mexican Kick??

Momma Kiss

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Apparently I'm on a Mexican Kick??

Yeah, chelada's last night and today! Gah.

That damn Chihuahua!

You know the little guy, the little mascot for Taco Bell? I hate him.

That said, I did just INHALE a meal from his nasty little restaurant. I had some combo that looked way better than it actually was: a chicken quesadilla, hard shell taco, cinnamon twists and FULL caf FULL sugar Dr. Pepper.

I don’t even want to consider the fat & calorie intake. If anyone knows, keep it to yourself, eh?

What a glutton. Not to mention, my fingers are like little vienna sausages from all the sodium.

AND – I’m sure this evening will not be low cal in the least, I’m doing a late movie w/ the girls. SATC is playing at this premium theater that serves food & drinks – starts at 10:30.

Yes, I said STARTS.

Who the F do I think I am? I’m usually in bed an hour before that?!

Ohhh, the sacrifices we make for our girlie friends!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And you harassed me for my McDonalds! If it makes you feel ANY better I had a nacho bellgrande and taco supreme w/ a large pink lemondaid last night from that damn place... It too was nowhere as good as it looked on their menu board.

6/6/08, 8:21 PM  

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