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New toys and losing my BloJo...

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Momma Kiss: New toys and losing my BloJo...

Momma Kiss

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New toys and losing my BloJo...

I got a new cell phone. I’ve been using a Motorola Razr like forevah and the thing is a POS. Texting – don’t even get me started. I go over on usage. The numeric keypad sucked. Flip open talking – hated it.

So I got a Crackberry. That’s what we call Blackberry PDA’s in our house, b/c anybody I know who has one is addicted to the GD thing like it’s a drug. And I fully intend to be ridiculed by my husband because I'm constantly nagging him (I adimt it, I nag) about his. And I will prolly not be allowed to call it a Crackberry any more.

But it’s niiiiiice. Fantastic actually. And in these days of trying to slim down costs, here’s my logic to justify the purchase:

The new phone was $200 with a $100 mail in rebate if you sign up for a data plan (to get online and feed the addiction). I also get a discount off the monthly plan b/c of where I work (shu-wheet!). In the end, my bill will go from $45/month to $77/month. IF I find I’m not using the data plan, I’ll just get rid of it – after I receive that mail in rebate check of course. If I end up using it (really – is it a question?) – my bill increase of $32/month is only HALF of what we used to spend on diapers for Big Kiss.

So in the end, we’re STILL SAVING. Good logic, no?? Methinks it is.

And I used yard sale money to pay for the damn thing – so it’s all good.


In other news, some things have been on my mind that I’d really love to get down “on paper” but I’ve totally lost my BloJo (blog mojo) and can’t focus on it. I’ve been pretty wiped in the evenings and, well, this is a phase in life where we’re just busy.

But once I do find some “me time,” I can’t wait to tell the stories of my little boy helping me put lotion on my arm – and how sweet and tender he is and how he said a loud “YES” when I asked him if he’d still hold my hand when he was a big tall teenager. And how proud I am of his potty training – how it just clicked for him.

And how much I love the Kiss Mascot, Otto! My gosh, he is a 4 yr old yellow lab and just the most loveable intuitive thing and he’s been brushed aside for a while because of, well, that Life thing I was talking about. I can’t wait to write about how I was supposed to be folding laundry and he just looked at me with his big brown eyes and so I laid on the floor and petted his head and ears, those parts of him that are still puppy soft and let him hug me (totally does this, puts one paw over you).

And how much I truly love my husband. Things are not easy these days – we barely speak I swear, not because we don’t want to – but because of, well, Life. We haven’t taken time for each other in ages. We need to.

And of Little Kiss. Ahhh, my sweet baby boy is 9months and I can’t believe how much we have been through in such a short time. About how he loves to feed himself, has a snagglepuss grin (one front tooth is longer than the other), and the best lil belly laugh you can imagine.

And of me, the Momma. Where’s the time for me?? I often miss the life I had before kids, before even being married. But still wouldn’t trade my life for the world.

See – there’s lots in me that I want to tell stories about. I’ll have to get on that ;)

Instead, how about a pic of my outfit today? Why not. These are my favorite summer shoes – the bow is green satin. And the pants have green turtles on them. Who’d ever guess my age or career choice? Not me!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you look super tan w/ those colors! :) Yeah - you still haven't told the story of the massage - get that blojo back!!!!!

I get being busy - I only have one & it's a challenge getting everything done. Hell - I don't really work even & I still have time issues!!!

you're a good momma & wifey, and all your boyz love ya!

6/19/08, 12:49 PM  

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