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Momma Kiss: tick away clock

Momma Kiss

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

tick away clock

I'm a total clock watcher right now.

I went to bed around 1.30.

Lil Kiss was up at 5...

I can not WAIT till his morning nap.

And for the record, my dog was pissed last night when he couldn't hang w/ the girls so whein I let him out to pee he jumped in the pool. He had to sit on the deck awhile for that. Well this morning, I let him out again and he does the same damn thing. He's mad at me, that's why he's doin it. But he's currently on the deck whining like my 3 yr old and I say Eff Off, buddy - you are sitting out there till you're dry!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HA - know what sucks about letting the dog out? Bugs. Bugs getting into your house when letting the damn dog in & out of the house.


6/26/08, 2:16 AM  

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