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Momma Kiss: June 19th.

Momma Kiss

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

June 19th.

So missing BloJo or not, I need to write today.

June 19th. A day that is very special in our family. It’s my older brother’s birthday. He’s 41 today. On his 9th birthday, he also got a little brother! That’s right, my little brother Peter was born on June 19th, too.

He’d be 32 today. 14 of those years he’s spent in Heaven. Watching over me, I believe. He’s helping me make decisions and is the angel on my shoulder when I drive like a bat out of hell to get to my kids at the end of the day.

I miss him.

A lot.

I wish he could be here to be an Uncle to my sons.

To teach them that it’s cool to be an athlete AND get good grades.

To tell them stories of when we were little and people thought we were twins because we had matching perms (thanks mom!).

And of the times we hated each other so bad we pulled hair and slapped each other silly – but we always loved each other.

And to share his secrets on fantasy baseball and winning the NCAA college hoops pool.

And to let my boys know that they should always appreciate the blessings they have and never look down on anyone.

Remind them that their Mom and Uncle grew up on welfare while their Gramma went to college – but that money didn’t matter, we had each other through thick and thin.

And to tell them to do the same. They can beat each other senseless, but don’t let anyone else do it!

Today driving to work, for whatever reason (prolly my Bro laughing at me!) I was remembering when we were like 11 and 10 and we were in church. We LOVED to listen to and mock the blue hairs singing, A) because it was so off key and B) because it was so damn loud (guessing b/c they couldn’t hear themselves?) We’d try to sing louder than them and his impression was spot on. The best hymn for this was Earth and All Stars, Loud rushing planets, Sing to the Lord a new song! So that song’s been in my head all day and I have a secret smile.

Happy Birthday, little brother. I will see you again someday, keep the family in good graces till I get there, God’s gonna be busy with me!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You made me smile, laugh and cry all at once. I can feel how deeply you miss your lil bro. What a special relationship you got to share with another person. I am so, so sorry it was cut short.

He sounds like he was an amazing person, and I am so happy for you that you get to call him your brother!

My heart is with you on this sad day.

Oh - and Happy B-day to big bro! :)

6/19/08, 6:04 PM  

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