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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What? I couldn't hear you...

I’m tired. And quite possibly deaf. But it was worth it.

I went to see Pearl Jam last night! WHEEEE! Their last date on the summer tour – it was incredible.

I won seats thru work, and lemme tell you this, the VIP tickets (yes, they were named VIP tickets) rocked. We got super up close parking (and preferential treatment when leaving afterwards!), use of the courtyard (with a huge bar and clean bathrooms) and supah up close seats. Right in the middle. Center stage. Prolly 100 feet back? I’m terrible at judging distance, but I could see Eddie pretty well. And we had waitress service.

It was the best concert experience I’ve ever had.

Now it’s back to reality – getting thru my day on 4 hours of sleep…no rest for Mommas. Ever.

Mr. Vedder:

The person in white / pink was, oh, over 40?! And rockin out like it was her j.o.b. And the one w/ the shirt pulled up? I swear it was Miranda from SATC [not really - but close]
(right in front of us - lovely)...

PS - I think I know now what party goers at a Snoop Dog concert feel like.

There was so much dope being smoked around me! Like more pot than NancyBotwin was pushing thru Majestic! And I'm a non-smoker, non druggie kinda gal - alkie hol is my only vice and I'm nuts enough on that! We even witnessed a transaction like 2 rows up. Yeah - some dude came from a few rows back - climbed all the seats (even OVER our VIP box - how dare he?) and just whipped out some cash and scored a blunt. Weed, man - it's the wacky tabackie!


Blogger Baby Momma said...

yay for being a VEEP!!! Sounds fun - I always leave concerts hoping I don't get drug tested at work, not from me but just the contact highs I get while there.

I love Pearl Jam - supa' jealous.

7/1/08, 3:31 PM  

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