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Momma Kiss: 2 thumbs up!

Momma Kiss

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Monday, June 30, 2008

2 thumbs up!

So we had a fantabulous BBQ on Saturday. It was amazing. We were literally out numbered, more kids than adults. WHEEE! Seriously – I counted 22 kids – leaving out 2 that showed up for just a sec. And the oldest was 5. KIDDIE KRAZY.

The weather was supposed to be nasty – humid & stormy. But – at 2.01 pm – it’s like the bbq God’s wanted to say Hi and the clouds moved away and it was sunny. Perfect afternoon. We had lots of stuff to do for kids of all ages, a kiddie pool (my sand box that will never ever see sand – I hate sand. With a passion. Esp in kids mouths and diapers – i.e. traipsed into my house!) for the babies, water table, tent w/ the loud toys under it. And Big Kiss had a BLAST showing off all of his outdoor gear.

The most ironic thing – we planned for the adults to drink. Understanding people had to drive, etc. but you know, bought beer & wine. Well, some others brought booze, too – and we ended up w/ more than we started with! What a change from parties of just a few years ago. But – we love it – our fridge is stocked ;) Not to mention, I wasn’t havin any of it – the night before I had a beet tooo mush Mommy Juice.

This new toy was loved by all. It was installed last week – the Mr. bought it for “big kiss’ 3rd birthday.” Uh huh. Really. A 10 foot regulation like basketball hoop? Suuuurreee. He’s like “it lowers to 7 feet!” Silly men. Honestly, I love shooting around, playing Horse and the boys will get much much MUCH use out of it in years to come.

Everyone left around 6, with “that family” sticking around till after 8. Supah fun day was had by all.

Sunday turned out to be gorgeous, too – which was a nice surprise. Both of the monsters slept in (6.30 – and hey, I’ll take it where I can get it!). And we took the dog to the park for an hour. Big Kiss loves “hiking around” and seeing all the doggies swimming. It’s good family time – but Lil Kiss is way too big for the Bjorn and we’ll have to figure out another way to get him around. Maybe a backpack thingamijig. Then they both napped at the same time so Hells Yeah – Momma & the Mr. sat by the pool w/ some wobbly pops and a good book.

Had some party stragglers over that afternoon – called up, the Mom had plans so Dad and his daughter came over to swim & play. Great for all involved, I swear – Big Kiss is so bored with us by Sunday afternoon. And it’s a good thing they’re only 3 – b/c Big Kiss prefers to swim nekked (um, was he peeking out his window on Friday nite?!) – the lil girl was quite intrigued by this.

And at one point, he was laying on his back on a floatie – Pener a flaggin – and gave me a cheesy grin and 2 thumbs up. Yep, that’s my baby!

THEN, last night our contractor called, he’s finally starting to rip apart our bathroom. We got our first quote in January. JANUARY people. Our upstairs has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms – the bathroom was 1 originally – was busted into 2 (currently) and we’re busting it back into 1. The fixtures are currently puke yellow, drains don’t drain, toilets scream, tiles come up if you walk on them w/ wet toes. I Can. Not. Wait. for this to be complete. However, I’m nervous for the demolition and rebuild phase. They’re moving the door from our bedroom – so that wall will be ripped up. There will be no place to clean the boys (we have a ½ bath downstairs and both the Mr. and I can shower at our work gyms). I’m excited for the end result, tho – it’ll be worth it. Right?

Happy Times in the Kiss Hizza. Smooches!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dang - party's over already? I should have walked faster! LOL

Glad it was a fun time, and love the fact that peep's came back Sunday! too funny.

OMG w/ the nekkid kiddo in the pool on the floaty toy. Cracking me up.

Yippee for bathroom demo. I LOVE demolition. I would totally help with that! :)

6/30/08, 10:27 PM  

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