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Momma Kiss: Rednecks unite. Wait, that's RedBACKS...

Momma Kiss

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rednecks unite. Wait, that's RedBACKS...

Ahhhhh, we went to the beach yesterday. The Mr. suggested a day off - just us, and I was stoopidly excited!

Dropped the kids at school, ran a few errands and then hit the road! It's about an hour away - but totally worth it. I was such a good lil doobie and used my sunscreen - except for the middle of my back (thank GOD no "finger" tan lines - you know, wher it looks like you reached w/ your hand w/ the sunscreen?) AND one half of the back of one leg. Lemme tell you - they HURT - and I've been slathering after sun lotion on as much as I can.

The above pic is of my Red Back - and no, that's not my bra strap - it's the fancy tag on my shirt :p

So we were all settled in to our spot by 10.30. At 10.31 we realized that it was Green Head season. Do you know what Green Heads are? I'll tell you - they're biting flies, and there were 10239874987987343 of them! We swatted and swatted and were looking around at others like "why are they NOT bothered by these flying fuckers?"

Then my eye spotted it, someone spraying something that was not sunscreen. I marched right over to ask what it was - "Avon Skin So Soft! They sell it at the consession stand. " I didn't care if it cost 20 bucks, I was not letting our beach day be ruined by these bastard flies. Turns out it was only 7.50, not shabby.

And smells lovely. And we can use it all summer for the boyz, it's not all chemically.

Once the lil biting monsters were not an issue, the rest of the day was supercalifragistically fantastic. I swam in the ocean (BIG for me, I'm a Great Lakes - i.e. fresh water kinda gal). And I read a lot. And Mr. Kiss and I talked a lot. Thank you God for a beautiful day.

We had to leave around 3 to get the boyzz and then we all swam at home for a bit, even Lil Kiss - it was so hot yesterday, the pool was up to like 82, sans heater!

In other news, I got home to this e-mail from Gramma Kiss:

Subject: Big Kiss' social calendar.

Text: We were wondering if Big Kiss would be able to come home with us on Saturday and stay until next Thursday. Is his calendar clear?

Talk it over and let us know if you think he would be OK leaving with us.

Mom (Mr. Kiss' mom).

I couldn't reply fast enough - "yes, Yes and YES - his calendar is free and he's all yours!"

They just got back from a 2 week trip to Alaska - part on land tourism, part cruise. So they've missed my little men and are coming to visit on Saturday. AND they're taking one of them back with them for a WEEK!? Has she been reading my blog? (for the record, I doubt it). But this is a prayer answered. I will miss that dude. A lot - but this is just what the Doc ordered to relieve some of our stress. We'll still have Lil Kiss, but - hell - he's the easy one.

Thank you GRAMMA KISS!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay for the beach & a day off. Double Yay for BK going to the grandparents for a week, Triple Yay for Skin so soft (love that stuff).

Boo for the sunburn... I went to the beach today & didn't get burned. We didn't see the sun b/c it was covered by layers and layers of fog, but whatever. :)

glad you had a good time!

7/18/08, 2:16 AM  

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