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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Holy Fuckerelli


We're in the middle of our bathroom reno and all week I've been 'shopping' for the sink's base cabinet, a linen closet, shower heads, faucets, lights. Who knew it'd be so, uh, decisive? We had decided on a sink cab, but couldn't find a linen cab to match.

So I found 2 that do match - but the sink cab doesn't have drawers, just 2 big doors. I'm talking over w/ the Mr. and he's like "Well can't you just go to, like, The Container Store and get something to hold crap under there?"

Holy Fuckerelli - this place is my 2nd fave mecca, after Target. And he just blessed a shopping trip there. I can not WAIT to start that phase of the renovation!

A lil P.S.

I got this in e-mail, thought I'd share.

"Hey, my name is Liliana i girl. I search friend my email !! !!Write to me and I shall send a photo:)"

So. Maybeperchance I should click the link?


Where does this shit come from?


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